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33733 Cyprus 1938-1977.


Initially mint hinged, from ca. 1962 MNH stamp collection Cyprus 1938-1977, including souvenir sheets in 2 stockbooks. Also Turkish Cyprus present.

33722 Belgium railroad stamps 1879-1960.


Well filled, mint hinged and used stamp collection train stamps of Belgium 1879-1960 in 2 blank albums, in which many beautiful cancels, partly imperforated stamps, specimen overprint etc.

33729 Finland 1875-1998.


Nicely filled, MNH, mint hinged and used stamp collection Finland 1875-1998 including souvenir sheets and booklets in 2 Davo luxe albums. Also Aland present.

33731 Papua New Guinea 1973-2004.


Almost complete, MNH stamp collection Papua New Guinea 1973-2004 including souvenir sheets in 2 Lindner albums.

33725 Switzerland soldier stamps 1914-1945.


Very extensive (more than 3,150 stamps) stamp collection of soldiers’ stamps of Switzerland 1914-1945 in 4 stockbooks, in which scarce material, proofs, many sheets of 4, some canceled stamps, different types of paper, overprints, imperforated stamps, varieties, etc.

33727 Netherlands train cancels on covers 1911-1952.


Very nice collection of train cancels from the Netherlands 1911-1952 on covers, cards and some pieces from A to Z in 4 albums. Rarely offered so extensively!

33715 Dutch east Indies interim 1945-1948.


Beautiful, MNH, mint hinged and used, specialised stamp collection interim period Dutch East Indies 1945-1948 on self made albumpages in 3 Davo luxe albums. The collection contains a lot of special material, such as proofs, double prints, imperforated stamps, blocks of 4, some envelopes, etc. Very beautiful whole!

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33721 World 1948-1992.


Stockbook with better MNH stamps of various countries, including Korea, Hong Kong, Europe CEPT (including Spanish Andorra 1972 and fore runners) etc.

33699 France 1859-1950.


Stockbook with various mint hinged and used material from France 1859-1950, including perfins, postage due stamps, Annulé and specimen overprints, parcel stamps, precancels (including Yvert 69**. 30 cent Paix MNH, cat. 8500), telegraph, etc. Also some mint sheetparts local parcel post Paris (without gum).