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37298 Theme Flora 1953-2000.


Very well filled lot of MNH sets and souvenir sheets with motif flora from European countries 1953-2000, including better material, stamp booklets, imperforated stamps etc. in 4 albums.

37314 Greenland 1938-2010.


Almost complete, canceled stamp collection Greenland 1938-2010, including New York issue 1945, Denmark befriet overprints including some wrong overprint colours, many souvenir sheets and kleinbogen etc. in Schaubek album.

37304 India 1947-2016.


Almost complete, canceled stamp collection India 1947-2016, in which Gandhi set from 1948, lots of souvenir sheets, etc. in 2 Schaubek albums.

37313 Palestine 1918-1947.


Specialised, MNH, mint hinged and used stamp collection Palestine 1918-1921 in 2 albums, including varieties. Also an album with approx. 20, often franked fiscal documents from approx. 1932-1947.

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37303 Netherlands yearsets 2001-2022!


Complete collection MNH year sets of the Netherlands 2001-2022. Nominal value already 1940 euros!

37318 Great Britain covers 1863-1916.


Beautiful collection of more than 100 covers from Great Britain 1863-1916, all franked with cutouts from postal stationery in Safe album with slipcase. Rarely seen so extensively, unique collection!

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37316 Wallis et Futuna 1980-2018!


Beautiful, MNH, complete stamp collection Wallis et Futuna 1980-2018, including souvenir sheets, in luxe Leuchtturm album.

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37317 World perfins 1880-1960.


Collection of more than 1600 perfins from many countries 1880-1960, including better stamps, in Lindner album with slipcase.

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37315 Greenland 1938-2020!


Beautiful, complete, MNH (few stamps hinged) stamp collection Greenland 1938-2020 in 2 Davo albums, in which all good stamps such as (Michel no’s): 8-16** (New York issue), 17-25** (Denmark befriet overprints), 20-25 I** (Denmark befriet overprints with different colours; no. 22 and 25 hinged), 28-36**, stamp booklets, souvenir sheets, kleinbogen etc.