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35797 Eritrea 1893-1951.


Wellfilled mint and used collection, reasonably complete incl. many high ticket items like 1893 set used, 1903/22 to 5 lire, most better issues of the 20/30’s, airmails, postage dues etc. etc. in folder. Sassone catalogue value 9200+ euro!!

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35794 Eritrea 1893-1951.


Powerful nearly complete mint/used collection including the very expensive issues like 1893 set to 5 lire, 1910/28: 15c perf 13 1/2 mint, the better issues of the 20/30’s and the good airmails, postage dues incl. 1903 to 10 lire, parcelpost set to 20 lire mint etc. etc. on albumpages, in folder.

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35750 Portugal 1853-1935.


Wonderful nearly complete collection in well above average condition, including 1853 to 100 reis, 1855 and 1862 to 100 reis, 1866 issue to 120 reis, 1867 perf issue to 240 reis, several reprints and varieties, 1893 overprints, 1894 and 1895 to 1000 reis etc. etc. in homemade album. Great collection with a very high catalogue value!!

35780 Finland complete collection 1856-1962.


In the mainnumbers complete to overcomplete collection, classic part extensive with many extra’s, also the expensive issues multiple present, proofs, imperfs, specimen, perfs, in expensive Lighthouse album. Wonderful collection with an extremely high catalogue value!!

35774 GDR 1950-1990.


Complete mainly mint never hinged collection incl. all expensive sets and singles, also the blocs incl. the expensive blocs (few earlies some tone spots), also good service, in 3 homemade albums. Very high catalogue value!

35781 Danish West Indies 1855-1916.


Nearly complete collection in mainly very good condition, missing only 4 stamps, also postage dues, some documentation, 1990 reprints in complete sheets (6 sheets), in album.

35806 Italian colonies 1922-1941.


Very nice used collection of the general issues nearly complete incl. the good airmail and footbal sets, Castelrosso overcomplete, Oltre Giuba incl. 1925 set to 10 lire, Saseno, Italian east Africa nearly complete incl. the expensive issues, also Ethipia set, in 2 Claxital albums. Wonderful collection, catalogue value Sassone around 14.000 euro!!

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35812 Italian colonies 1893-1951.


Mainly used collection of the different countries incl. better sets and singles, airmails, back of the book, also Triest-A, in stockbook.

35801 Cirenaica/Tripolitania 1923-1934.


Fantastic used quality collection, virtually complete incl. lots of expensive sets and singles, incl. Cirenaica 1923 Fide, march to Rome, Manzoni complete set to 5 lire (signed Diena!!), all good sets of the 20/30’s and airmails incl. 1934 set to 25 lire used with cert. Bolaffi, Tripolitania incl. 1923 Fide, march to Rome, Manzoni set complete to 5 lire used very fine (signed Diena!!), all good sets of the 20/30’s including the expensive airmail sets (1934 set to 25 lire used + cert. Bolaffi) etc. etc. in Claxital album. Great collection, catalogue value Sassone over 34.000 EURO!!!