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31991 Netherlands 1852-1966.


Nicely filled, MNH, mint hinged and used stamp collection Netherlands 1852-1966 in old Schaubek album, containing a lot of material.

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31990 Netherlands 1852-1978.


Mint hinged and used stamp collection Netherlands 1852-1978 in stockbook, including (NVPH no’s): 1-3, 4-6, 29 (thin), 34-41 *, 56-76 * (71, 73 and 75 cancelled), 136 -138 *, 149-162 *, 177-198 *, 212-219 *, 402-403B ** (legion sheets), 518-533 *, 1444 ** in block of 4 with plate error ‘missing c’, service 20 -24 *, Internment 2 *, etc.

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31988 Netherlands paparazzo 2013-2014.


Stockbook with 21 MNH sheetlets of 5 stamps with the comic strip paparazzo. Face value over 95 euros.

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13099 Naval heroes in silver 2011-2012.


Special album with a complete collection (12 sets) Naval heroes in silver 2011-2012 of the Netherlands. Each set contains a (silver) registered stamp, a sheetlet of 3 postage stamps and 3 picture postcards. Only 2500 copies made!

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13100 Netherlands flower sheetlets.


Complete mint never hinged collection the 25 different flower sheetlets of Janneke Brinkman in special album. Limited edition!! Face value already 110 euros.

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31976 Netherlands cancels 1900-1940.


Small cahier with various cancels of the Netherlands 1900-1940, amongst which fieldpost cancels, temporary postoffices, army cancels etc. Very scarce material, 66 cancels.

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31972 Indonesia Maluku Selatan/Vienna printing.


Massive mint never hinged lot in big quantities, Maluku Selatan amny different issues in part sheets, further Vienna printing UPU imperf set 500x complete in sheets of 50, box full of this highly sought after(?) material

31939 Netherlands and world covers/fdc’s 1900-2015.


Massive amount of first day covers, special covers, Netherlands incl. better and euro values, foreign with nice frankings, special issues etc. etc. in albums and mainly loose in 6 gigantic impossible to lift removalboxes. Thousands/ten thousands!

31938 Netherlands mint never hinged 1977-2001.


Gigantic speculation lot mint never hinged Netherlands from 1977 to 2001 with incredible quantities of sets, blocs, sheetlets, part sheets and complete sheets, yearsets, stampbooklets in massive quantities, big fat stockbooks full with stocks, envelopes, big and small boxes, totally unpicked on platefaults and varieties, unplundered, in 20 impossible to lift large removalboxes. Estimated face value around half a million guilders (= 220.000 EURO!!!!). Offered at a small fraction of face value and catalogue value. Never offered anywhere in such a big quantity!!!