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33727 Netherlands train cancels on covers 1911-1952.


Very nice collection of train cancels from the Netherlands 1911-1952 on covers, cards and some pieces from A to Z in 4 albums. Rarely offered so extensively!

33715 Dutch east Indies interim 1945-1948.


Beautiful, MNH, mint hinged and used, specialised stamp collection interim period Dutch East Indies 1945-1948 on self made albumpages in 3 Davo luxe albums. The collection contains a lot of special material, such as proofs, double prints, imperforated stamps, blocks of 4, some envelopes, etc. Very beautiful whole!

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33692 Netherlands issue 1869-1871.


Nicely filled, remainder exhibition collection Netherlands emission 1869-1871 on self-made album pages in folder, in which also better stamps, cancels, colors, specimen, imperforated stamps etc.

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33662 Netherlands 1852-1995.


Well filled, mint hinged and used stamp collection Netherlands 1852-1995 on blank pages in album, including (NVPH no’s): 3, 6, 12, 17v and 18v (imperforated, canceled), 29, 44, 48, 101, 104-105 , 130-131, airmail 12-13, marine insurance 6 canceled, postage dues 3-12, 27-28, 31-43, service 1-7, etc.

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33500 Netherlands local post 1969-2019!!


Exceptionally extensive, mostly MNH collection of city mail from the Netherlands 1969-2019 from A to Z, in which sets, blocks, sheets, imperforated, proofs, varieties etc. in 30 (!) albums. Bizarre amount of stamps!

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33543 Netherlands local post 1969-2017.


Extremely extensive, MNH, mint hinged and used stamp collection/stock Dutch city mail 1969-2017 in 18 (!) volumes and loose, including better issues, blocks, sheets, imperforated, varieties etc.

33544 Netherlands local post covers 1970-2019!


Around 1000 covers, cards and first day covers of the different local cityposts, many commercially used, in box. Contains scarce material, offered very cheap!!

33641 Netherlands coilstamps 1936-2002.


Very nice mint never hinged and used collection with duplicates, Juliana incl. the scarce 95 cent strip of 5 (2x + single stamp), Europa Cept and the other better issues, in fat stockbook. Massive catalogue value!!

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33531 Netherlands maximum cards 1928(!)-2006.


Very extensive collection of maximum cards of the Netherlands 1828-2006 in 11 albums. The collection contains cards from various manufacturers such as stamp courier, windmill series, trumpet cards etc.

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