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34646 Azores and Madeira 1980-2001.


Stamp collection Azores and Madeira 1980-2001 in which MNH sets and souvenir sheets and maximum cards, in 3 blank Kabe albums.

34632 Belgium cancels 1914-1915.


Beautiful stamp collection Belgium 1914-1915 on Red Cross set 1914 in 2 stockbooks, collected by cancellation type, place name and date. Stamp value alone more than 15,000 euros!

34609 Baltic States 1918-1990.


Nicely filled, mostly canceled stamp collection Baltic States 1918-1990 in blank album and stockbook.

34642 German Reich 1938-1945.


MNH and canceled (double) stamp collection German Reich 1938-1945 and also a collection canceled in Austria in selfmade album.

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34604 France 1853-1970.


Mainly canceled sorting lot France 1853-1970 in 2 stockbooks, in which a lot of classic material.

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34644 Bosnia-Herzegovina 1879-1918.


Well filled, double (MNH/mint hinged AND used) stamp collection Bosnia-Herzegovina 1879-1918 in luxe Safe album, with extensive 1st issues and better stamps such as (Michel no’s): 29-44U (imperforate), 29-44** perforation 9½ , 64-84**, 64-84, I-XIII** (3x), postage dues 14-26 etc.

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34643 Belgium proofs 1849-1915.


Nice collection of proofs and reprints of Belgium 1849-1915 in blank album.

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34628 Czechoslovakia 1918-1985.


Well filled, mint hinged and used stamp collection Czechoslovakia 1918-1985 in 2 large Yvert albums with slipcases, including many souvenir sheets, airmail, postage dues, service etc.

34606 Eastern Europe modern till 2006.


Folder with MNH, modern sets and souvenir sheets up to 2006 from, among others, Georgia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Belarus, Russia etc.