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32419 Italy 1920-1940.


Two large books with original photos from the fascist era in Italy, ca.1920-1940. Lots of very scary people in group and individual photos. Brrrrr.

32350 Germany emergency banknotes.


Collection of approx. 1600 emergency money banknotes from Germany, collected per region in 10 albums. Rarely offered so extensively!

32349 Germany emergency banknotes.


Collection of over 600 emergency banknotes of Germany in nice old album. Beautiful collection area!

32246 Italy football, cycling, sports 1900-1988.


Album with more than 100 postcards, autographed photos, entrance tickets, small poster for international football match Yugoslavia-South Italy 1925 etc.

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32149 European countries eurocoins 2003.


Collection of 34 special sets and proofsets eurocoins 2003 of several European countries in 4 albums.(Due to weight, only shipment within the Netherlands)

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32176 Netherlands match brands.


Nice, nostalgic collection of thousands of match brands from the Netherlands in 2 old albums. We have no idea what they are worth, so maybe offered too cheap 🙂

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