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32792 Turkey 1863-2000.

1,900.00 1,520.00

Well filled, MNH, mint hinged and used stamp collection/stock Turkey 1863-2000 in 3 stockbooks, in which better stamps like (Michel no’s): 4*, 15B*, 36*, 107*, 113, 173 (2x), 174, 244*258*, 258 (2x), 259-260*, 336*, 368*, 372(*), 779-786**, 830*, good part postage dues, red half moon, etc.

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32759 Turkey cancel collection till 1920.

1,250.00 1,000.00

Beautiful, extensive collection cancels of Turkey in stockbook, neatly arranged from Adana to Zonguldak. Very many stamps, including better ones and many nice cancels.

32425 Turkey supercollection 1863-1944.

17,500.00 14,000.00

One of the most beautiful Turkey collections that has ever come on the market with so much scarce and rare material, varieties, perfs, specimen, covers, you name it and this collection has it. Starting with 79 stamps of the first issue mint, used, postage dues and varieties, next issues extensive with the better values (many multiple present), cancels, essays, tons of stamps with a cat. value between 500 and 1000+ euro!!!, many 25 pi and 50 pi stamps, from 1901 also mint never hinged material (ex. Norwegian UPU archives, very rare material, not listed mnh in the catalogue!!), 1911 overprints very extensive incl. the high value, oxheads plentyful further overcomplete with so much material that you never see anywhere, then a mouthwatering back of the book section loaded with goodies, in album. This is by far the best Turkey collection we can offer you in the history of our company.

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32232 Turkey 1863-1965.

7,500.00 6,000.00

Extremely well filled, mint hinged and used stamp collection Turkey 1863-1965 including many good duplicates in album and stockbook. The collection contains approx. 20 stamps of the 1st issue, and further e.g. (MIchel no’s): 10*, 36, 44*, 50, 107, 108-113, 149*, 167*, 167, 168*, 221*, 640-652*, 753(*), 767-778* (2x), 776* (3x), 777* (5x), 778* (10x!), 779-786* (5x!), 793-798* (2x), 799-806* (7x!), 825* (500 piaster green), 857-866*, 857-866, 868-881, 913-934*, 971-979*, 985-999* (women’s conference ), red crescent 156-163*, etc. Also various varieties such as partially imperforate. Nice collection, high catalogue value!

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32304 Turkey souvenir sheets 1938-2016.

500.00 400.00

Apparently complete, MNH collection souvenir sheets of Turkey 1938-2016 in luxe Linder album on blank sheets. Also some FDC’s and loose stamps present.

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29894 Turkey 1865-1967.

750.00 600.00

Very pretty mint and used collection, in very good and fresh condition, includes many better stamps and sets, many of the overprint issues, also better back of the book, in 7 Behrens albums, in folder

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27980 Turkey 1869-1995.

300.00 240.00

Well filled, mint hinged and used collection Turkey 1869-1995 in album. Collection contains nice material, amongst which better stamps like (Michel no’s): 99, 143, 173, 259-260, etc.

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27339 Turkey 1882-1983.

400.00 320.00

Nicely filled, MNH and mint hinged remainder stock Turkey 1882-1983 in fat dealeralbum, in which some better material like (Michel no’s): 777, 897*, 891-912*, 1019-1028* (2x), red half moon 120-127*, 201-211*, etc. Much material, bargain!

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