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39564 Turkey 1865-1960.


Gigantic collector accumulation mint/used/mnh in quantities, from old to recent, very powerful classic part, many high values and sets multiple present, also nice back of the book, in 17(!!) stockbooks, in very heavy box. Very nice lot to play with or for trading!

39712 Turkey postal stationery 1871-1914.


Collection, mainly mint postal stationery, including rare ones, varieties and specimen overprint, in folder.

39185 Turkey 1863-2011.


Almost complete, somewhat specialised, MNH, mint hinged and used stamp collection Turkey 1863-2011, including many good stamps such as (Michel no’s): 485-621 (ox head overprints) on pieces (cat. € 3800), 776*, 778*, 779- 786*, 825*, 843-856*, 857-867*, 868-881*, 913-934*, 945-963*, 971-979*, 985-999* (women’s congress, no. 987 missing), extensive part back of the book, etc. in 6 Edifil albums with slipcases.

39500 Turkey supercollection 1863-1953.


Once in a lifetime specialised collection, the collector spent over 50 years on this collection, with much knowledge, patience and big finances, starting with the sought after first issue from 1863 with over 440(!!!) stamps including mint, multiples (even a bloc of 6!!), tete-beches, then the further issues very specialised including the expensive issues often more than once present, cancels, covers, varieties, proofs, blocs of 4, overprints including varieties, papers, shades, multiples, bisects, imperfs, specimen, old booklets, also great back of the book and occupation, housed in 12 albums. What a great collection, nearly impossible to find anywhere in the world!!!

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39345 Turkey supercollection cancellations 1865-1930.


Incredible extensive and specialised collection, from A-Z, mainly clear strikes, very many scarce and rare cancels, also many RRR cancels present, collected according to the Turkish specialised catalogue, also uncatalogued cancels, multiples, foreign cancels etc. etc. etc. housed in 9 albums. It took the collector over 50 years to get this collection together, over 7700 cancels present. Unique collection!!

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38592 Turkey 1863-1940.


Box with classic, MNH, mint hinged and used material from Turkey 1863-1940 on album pages, stockcards and in a stockbook. Nice sortinglot!

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38396 Turkey key stamps 1914-1935.


Powerful lot mint never hinged key items in good condition, starting with 1914: 200pi sultan mint never hinged with certificate, 1923/25 definitive set mint hinged to 500pi, 1926 high values 25gr to 200gr in mint never hinged pairs, 1935 woman congress set mint never hinged (high value with cert), further high values 12 1/2k to 100kr fresh mnh, in stockbook. Yvert catalogue value 6875 EURO!! Bargain!!

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37224 Turkey 1863-2000.


Reasonably filled, MNH, mint hinged and used stamp collection Turkey 1863-2000, including souvenir sheets and back of the book in 2 albums.

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36984 Turkey 1863-2014.


Beautiful, canceled stamp collection Turkey 1863-2014, including many expensive issues, varieties, perforations that are not in the Michel catalogue etc. etc. in 3 homemade albums.

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