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30701 Australia 1913-1995.


Very extensive, specialised, cancelled stamp collection Australia 1913-1995 in 5 luxe Kabe albums, in which extensive part kangaroos and George V, specialised on types and watermarks, including various inverted and sideways watermarks, 5 shilling Harbour bridge, many blocks of 4, combinations from stamp booklets, OS overprints, etc. Nice collection!

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30746 Australian Antarctic 1957-1998.


Crazy lot mnh and used in quantities, including the better issues, many nice thematics, large amounts, gutterpairs, face value, also around 400 first day covers, mainly cancelled on the 4 different bases (Casey, Davis, Macquarie Island en Mawson), in 2 stockbooks and loose, in box. Seldom offered in such quantities

30745 Australia MNH 1913-1995.


Impressive collector accumulation, largest part mint never hinged, most issues in quantities, better earlies with Roos and Georg V heads including varieties like inverted watermark, no watermark etc. imprint- and gutterblocks, decimal period in large quantities present with massive face value, just stuck into stockbooks (only partly in order), many nice pickings, in 5 stockbooks. Adventure lot, offered intact!

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30744 Australia covers/postal stationary 1875-2003.


Gigantic quantity mainly postal stationary incl. big pile of Walch’t Tasmanian post cards, NSW 1d post card unused in quantities, later many issues from the subscription of the post office in quantities, also commercial mail incl. better, big box full adventure, UNPICKED!!

30743 Australia gutterpairs 1966-1985.


Magnificent mint never hinged lot gutterpairs in quantities, starting with decimal navigators to $1 multiple, the better issues of the 60/70’s in quantities, the nice thematic sets, definitive high values etc. etc. on stockcards, in box. Huge retail value!!

30706 Australia postage dues 1902-1960.


Nice, cancelled lot postage due stamps of Australia 1902-1960 on albumpages in folder. In total ca. 120 stamps.

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30705 Australia officials 1913-1933.


Nice cancelled lot OS perforations (both large and small) and -overprints of Australia 1913-1933, including various CTO stamps (cancelled to order) on albumpages in folder. In total 215 stamps.

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30689 Australia stamp booklets 1928-1994.


Extensive collection stamp booklets of Australia 1928-1994 in 2 albums, in which e.g. (Stanley Gibbons no’s): SB23 (2x, of which 1x written), SB25, SB25ab (written), SB28 (2x), SB29, SB30 (4x), SB31, SB 31a (waxed), etc. Very nice collection, enormous catalogue value!

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30572 Numeral cancels Australian States.


Folder with stockpages with numeral cancels of New South Wales and Victoria, including better ones. In total ca. 220 stamps.

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