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31929 USA/World sortinglot old.


Authentic sortinglot with thousands and thousands of small brown envelopes with stamps, mainly USA late 19th century to early 20th century, unsorted and unpicked (most envelopes are closed), we spotted fancy cancels, bunddles, back of the book with quantities of revenues, cut outs, nice cancels, clippings, higher values, also France, old all world collection incl. interesting Foochow, Italy and Great Britain incl. better etc. etc. This lot will take you until Christmas to sort out!!

31914 USA covers 1838-1950,


Magnificent and very extensive collection of covers, cards, stamped envelopes with additional frankings, patriotic envelopes (8), postal cards, old first day covers, destinations, censor, frankings, BOB incl. many better covers, worldwar, many airmails etc. etc. etc. housed in 9 big fat albums + loose in box. Great lot for retail, eBay or to continue collecting!!!

31913 USA first day cover collection 1945-1990.


Massive collection of over 3000 different first day covers, different cachets, different makers, many issues in blocs of 4, wonderful collection, housed in 33(!!) albums. Seldom offered so extensive!!

31835 USA 1851-1940.


Stockbook with various MNH, mint hinged and used material of USA 1851-1959, including (Scott no’s): 87 *, 89 (*), 98 (*), 233a * (blue instead of ultramarine?), 238 (*), 239 ( *), 240 (*), 242, 243 (*), 291 (50 cents Trans Mississippi), 294-299 (*), 414-421 *, 834 **, 2201b ** (black omitted, 2x), airmail 3 ** in block of 4 (almost loose), 5 **, 18 ** (3x, of which 1x with sheet edge and certificate), Special Delivery 14 ** in plate block of 6, nice part fiscal stamps, including potato tax stamps 1 -13 *, Postal Saving stamps 6 in complete booklet of 10, local stamps on covers (including 15L14 (Blood’s) on cover with no. 11, 15L16 on cover with no. 11, 20L7 on cover, 20L16 on cover), etc. Also various proofs present. Exciting lot, high catalogue value!

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31783 USA fancy cancels 1857-1893.


Stockbook with over 350 classic stamps of USA with so called fancy cancels, including on better stamps. Very scarce material with very many nice cancels, offered intact!

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31728 USA covers and FDC’s 1880-1980.


Box with hundreds of covers and FDC’s of USA 1880-1980, amongst which many military FDC’s and covers with interesting cancels.

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31724 USA ship post covers 1920-1940.


Small box with 625 ships post covers of USA 1920-1940, including scarce material and very many nice cancels.

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31725 USA 1866-1989.


Mostly MNH stamp collection USA 1866-1989 in 4 luxe Lindner albums (period 1928-1959 missing). Before 1928 scarcely filled, but still with some better stamps, after 1960 almost complete.

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31627 Byrd Antarctic Expedition 1934.


Album with ca. 40 covers and picture-cards, all sent from Little America Antarctic 1934, including many signed copies. Very sought after material.

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