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38415 All world mint never hinged to 2021!!


Wonderful mint never hinged lot only face value valid issues, mainly sets, sheetlets, blocs, booklets incl. beter issues, much USA (over $2240 face), Canada (over ($1120 face), European countries (over 3200 euro face!), Scandinavian countries, Switzerland etc. etc. in 5 crammed stockbooks. Also very many good thematic issues present, up to very recent, ideal lot for bourse, individual (ebay) sale, to top up your stock etc. etc. Total face value over 9000 EURO!!! Offered very cheap!!

38370 All world key airmail stamps 1920-1961.


Wonderful and valuable lot of only expensive airmail issues including Albania 1928 and 1961 overprints, Denmark 1925/30 set used, Peru 1st airmail stamp with inverted overprint used, Netherlands seagulls airmails 15gld and 25gld, Liechtenstein the expensive airmail zeppelins, Vatican the expensive airmails including blocs of 4, Germany Chicagofahrt overprint set used, Spain 1950 Caudillo overprints used with and without number on the back (very, very rare stamp) etc. etc. in stockbook. Fantastic lot to add to your collection or for resale!

38363 World better stamps 1856-1940.


Better, MNH, mint hinged and used stamps of many countries such as Scandinavia, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, etc. on stock pages in folder.

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38350 World classic collection 1840-1867!!


Incredible 7th edition Lallier album from 1867(!!!), very wellfilled(!!!) in rather mixed condition as usual (including forgeries), mint and used (all stuck to the pages, was usual in those days), very powerful European countries including Great Britain and early Colonies (Cape of good Hope for example with both woodblocks), France and Colonies, extensive German States with many valuable stamps, Italian States, Austria, Scandinavia, Switzerland with key stamps, outside Europe with good Asia, African countries, Brasil, extremely powerful USA including many mint issues and locals etc. etc. On the first page is written with pencil the consecutive collectors, the first collector started this collection in 1873!!Collections like these in such albums, especially as wellfilled as this album, can hardy be found anywhere, and certainly not for such a low price!!! Unique opportunity!!

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38198 World sorting lot 1945-1995.


Nice sorting lot world 1945-1995, including stamps on stockcards, in glassine, including better stamps, MNH Japan, motifs, nominal material, souvenir sheets, imperforate, etc. Box full!

38269 World.


Collection MNH sets and souvenir sheets from various countries, including motif, definitive sets from British colonies, etc. in album.

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37986 World 1849-1968.


Nicely filled, mint hinged and used worldwide stamp collection 1849-1968 in 2 old albums, including nice Netherlands.

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37769 All world sortinglot 1860-2010.


Nice sortinglot incl. better classic USA and BOB, GDR collection used, an old all world album, further hundreds and hundreds of envelopes with mainly mint never hinged (better) sets and sheetlets, nieuwtjes, face value etc. etc. in big box.

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37753 All world joint issues 1960-2020.


Incredible collector accumulation/stock first day covers of the different issues, all in quantities including the better issues, thousands and thousands of covers including the hard to get new issues, these also in quantities, also big pile of mint never hinged issues, in 6(!!) large removal boxes. Now offered at a tiny fraction of the new issue price!!