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31613 All world covers/fdc’s 1920-1980.


Collector estate with several (thematic) collections like bicentenary, Statue of Liberty, Commonwealth with omnibus sets on first day cover in special albums, Europa Cept fdc’s in special albums, religion, first flights, dozens of albums, boxes and loose, in 6 big removal boxes. Lots of fun for such a low price!!

31949 All world sortinglot 1860-2000.


Several (part) collections incl. better France and Colonies incl. mnh face value, Sweden with face value, GB and Colonies incl. better, USA, Palau mint never hinged collection, Germany incl. States, combinations etc. Ireland better sets used in quantities, Russian territories, Israel, Zwitserland incl. face value, Spain, Rumelia, GDR incl. better early sets and sheetlets etc. etc. in 37 volumes and loose, many useful pickings present.

31953 World 1870-1999.


Extensive, cancelled world stamp collection in 19 (!) ordners, in which mostly commonmaterial, but still nice Asia, including China and Japan, South America, Eastern Europe, African countries etc. Nice quality, very many stamps!

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31917 World sorting lot.


Sorting lot world in box, in which e.g. nice collection new Hebrides, world MNH in glassines and envelopes, collection Mauretania, Arab countries in numbers, including imperforated, collection Aden including better stamps, Martinique etc. etc. Whole box full of nice and not so nice adventure!

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31941 All world better covers.


Big amount of better covers and cards, thousands, from many different countries incl. GB, USA, Germany, Asia, Commonwealth, South America, many 19th century untill 2nd worldwar, many nice surprises, worth between 2 euro and 50 euro each, big box full of well saleble material!

31940 World mint never hinged till 2015.


Massive amount of mint never hinged material all world incl. new issues incl. face value, booklets, better sets and sheetlets, housed in stockbooks, stockpages, folders, envelopes and loose, 2 boxes full with nice material!

31929 USA/World sortinglot old.


Authentic sortinglot with thousands and thousands of small brown envelopes with stamps, mainly USA late 19th century to early 20th century, unsorted and unpicked (most envelopes are closed), we spotted fancy cancels, bunddles, back of the book with quantities of revenues, cut outs, nice cancels, clippings, higher values, also France, old all world collection incl. interesting Foochow, Italy and Great Britain incl. better etc. etc. This lot will take you until Christmas to sort out!!

31930 All world 1860-1970.


Several one country collections mint/used and mnh incl. Great Britain and Colonies incl. better New Zealand, Pakistan, Sudan, Turkey collection incl. better, wellfilled collections Rumania, Persia and Bulgaria, Middle East incl. good Egypt, Jordan and Iraq, in 7 thick albums + loose on pages and envelopes, in big removal box. Much useful material is present!!

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31918 World sortinglot 1860-2011!


Valuable lot incl. better country collections South America incl. Venezuela, Fiume collection, Turkey collection, proofs/varieties Indonesia and Liberia, Brasil mnh to 2000 collection, thick stockbook with new issues all world to 2011 incl. strong countries like TAAF and Nouvelle Calledonia, Hungary sheetlets from nr. 1 onwards, world Refugee year collection + collection in blocs of 4 (seldom offered), Yugoslavia collection incl. rare 1944 overprints, Triest-B etc. etc. housed in 13 albums/stockbooks and loose, in big box. Very much better and unusual material present!!