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30841 Thematics airmail 1919-1939.


Well filled, mint hinged and used stamp collection airmail of various countries in old album, in which e.g. (Yvert no’s): Albania airmail 1-7*, Germany airmail 27-34* (partly tropical), 35-37* (Zeppelin), Denmark airmail 1-3, 4-5* (tropic), 6-10*, 6-10, Spain airmail 7-16*, 31-36*, 50-55*, France 321 (2x), 398 (4x), airmail 1-2*, 15, Greece airmail 8-14*, Italy airmail 78-83*, Latvia airmail 6-7A*, 10-12* (imperforated), 16-20* (no. 19 perforated, others imperforated), 21-24* imperforated, 30*, 31*, 32* imperforated, Norway 101-107*, Netherlands airmail 1-3*, Poland souvenir sheet 6*, Russia airmail 33-37, 38-40, 49-58, souvenir sheet 3*, China airmail 1-5*, 6-10*, etc. Nice collection, high catalogue value!

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30800 All world classic 1840-1908.


Ancient all world collection, partly stuck in by the collector, with impressive Belgium incl. 5fr, Germany with States and Colonies incl. high values, Italy and States, France and colonies incl. better, Netherlands, Portugal incl. 1853: 100R used, colonies incl. impressive Macao and Timor, GB and colonies incl. better like Bechuanaland 5 pound used(!!), powerful Asia incl. good China and Shanghai, Japan incl. better (also few forgeries), USA incl. nr. 1 and many other better stamps, India and States, South America incl. better etc. etc. in wellfilled 1903 issue Schaubek album + supplements to 1908. In spite of that many stamps were glued to the pages by the collector + several forgeries, a recommendable collection with a huge amount of scarce and rare stamps and a gigantic catalogue value!!

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30778 All world postcards 1900-1970.


Three large boxes full with postcards, from ancient to 70’s, mainly USA, France and England incl. many better cards, chromo’s, linen, Panam Expo stereoviews, also interesting for frankings, unpicked, crazy amount of material, lots of adventure!!

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30736 All world old/classics 1850-1945.


Superlot classics in 21 approvalbooks from 1947(!!!!), with a wide variety of better old and classic stamps, Belgium from nr. 1 onwards, Poland incl. nr. 1, Levant with better, good Germany with States and Colonies, Portugal and Colonies well represented with many expensive stamps, very good Scandinavia with good classics from Norway and Denmark, Baltic States, Luxemburg from nr. 1 onwards etc. etc. in small box. Many good pickings present!!!

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30588 World fiscal, cinderella’s etc.


Stockbook with fiscal stamps, cinderella’s and square cuts from postal cards of the whole world, including much British colonies and USA.

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30496 Timbre tombé 1910-1950.


Album with 43 covers with lost frankings (timbre tombé) with various special cancels. Very scarce material, nice collection!

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30529 World sortinglot.


Box with 5 old albums with material of various countries and some nice cancels of the Netherlands. Also some envelopes with mostly old material. Some mixed quality, but lots of sorting adventure!

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30463 World.


Stockbook with MNH, mint hinged and used material of various countries, including nice Australian States, Baltic States, Yugoslavia etc.

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30414 All world better issues 1870-1950.


Powerful lot only better issues, very strong Switzerland with airmails incl. first set multiple incl. used, all goed souvenir sheetlets incl. NABA block, Bundesfeier 1940 mint and used, 1951 Lunaba on cover, better service issues, Japan with expensive issues of the 40/50’s, better older stamps, occupation Malaysia including better stamps, Belgium many better issues including used Mercier set and mint blue Madonna set etc. etc. in stockbook. Catalogue value around 25.000 EURO!!! Offered at only 13% catalogue value!!

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