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31524 World souvenir sheets 1937-1985.


Stockbook with over 330 MNH souvenir sheets of the world, including better ones. Somewhat mixed quality (some with toned gum). Very high catalogue value!

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31357 All world POW covers 1942-1948.


Approximately 130 items in all, both covers and cards, most sent postage-free but a few franked; correspondence from POW camps of Germany, Italy, the US, Switzerland and Britain, with material including a “Detained Civilian” cover, German Feldpost, a Czech Censor, items to/from Egypt, British “Active Service” cards, all with various Censor/”Opened” markings and tapes; in addition to the covers (and not included in our count) are ephemeral items almost never encountered: a German “Grüße der Heimat/Grüße der Front” lettersheet noted on reverse “Hervé” (! what would Tintin say?), a receipt for war property…and several beer coupons (!), even a POW’s Berthing Card; fascinating material in generally clean condition, Fine to Very Fine with better, some scarce items worth seeing.

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31299 World sortinglot to 1980.


Crazy lot with mint never hinged Sweden face value incl. many coils, face value Canada, better sets and singles on stockcards, old new issues mint never hinged in quantities of the 1960’s(!!), partly still in original envelopes, massive amounts of mint never hinged sets and sheetlets Ghana incl. better etc. etc. in big box.

31296 All world sortinglot 1860-2010.


A delightful holding with many pricey British Commonwealth, better includes mint Tobago 8-9, 11-12, Newfoundland 131-144, Malaya Perak 52, 53, 56, Malaya 18-25, British Guiana 152-156, Gibraltar 35-36, 38, also Canada face, New Zealand face, mint Vatican, mint San Marino, mint Monaco, used France collection with postal history, small approval book with mint British Commonwealth, huge potential present, mixed condition, a terrific haul, Fine to Very Fine.

31298 All world sortinglot 1880-2001.


In two Scott Specialty albums and mint sheet file and a stock book of duplicates, with Austria in Scott Specialty album, with 1863 coat of arms set, C54-60 used, France and Colonies, Great Britain in Scott Specialty album and mint sheet file with Victoria 2/6 to 10/-, 111-22, Edward VII to 5s with mint 138, 286-89 mint, good early QEII Windsor Castle and QEII definitive sets and plenty of face value postage, some airmail covers, China, Switzerland essais, some nice covers/fdc’s with better frankings, C35 on Zeppelin picture postcard, generally Fine to Very Fine.

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31277 All world better sets and singles 1849-1950.


Thousands of small stockcards with better sets and singles, with cat. values up to hundreds of dollars/euro’s, mainly good condition, incl. Portugal and Colonies, Persia, Netherlands and Belgium from earlies onwards, very powerful Italy and territories, Denmark, Turkey, Austria from earlies onwards, Switzerland, Egypt, Greece, in 2 red boxes. Massive five figure catalalogue value, excellent lot for (Ebay) dealers, bourse, approval.

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31293 All world sortinglot 1861-1995.


Thousands of mint & used stamps and covers, with 55 APS approval books with France, Austria & Singapore, Portugal, Australian States, mint & used Yemen, two cover albums, and 26 volumes with mint & used French Colonies, Yemen, Argentina, U.S., every page and envelope should be examined, a sure fire money maker, mixed condition, Fine to Very Fine.

31061 World souvenir sheets 1980-2000.


Beautiful, MNH collection souvenir sheets of the whole world, including many thematics, better items, face value etc. in 10 albums. Bargain!

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30841 Thematics airmail 1919-1939.


Well filled, mint hinged and used stamp collection airmail of various countries in old album, in which e.g. (Yvert no’s): Albania airmail 1-7*, Germany airmail 27-34* (partly tropical), 35-37* (Zeppelin), Denmark airmail 1-3, 4-5* (tropic), 6-10*, 6-10, Spain airmail 7-16*, 31-36*, 50-55*, France 321 (2x), 398 (4x), airmail 1-2*, 15, Greece airmail 8-14*, Italy airmail 78-83*, Latvia airmail 6-7A*, 10-12* (imperforated), 16-20* (no. 19 perforated, others imperforated), 21-24* imperforated, 30*, 31*, 32* imperforated, Norway 101-107*, Netherlands airmail 1-3*, Poland souvenir sheet 6*, Russia airmail 33-37, 38-40, 49-58, souvenir sheet 3*, China airmail 1-5*, 6-10*, etc. Nice collection, high catalogue value!

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