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34247 World sorting lot.


Nice, varied sorting lot world in box, in which better classic, nice France and colonies, face value France and USA, etc.

34253 World 1841-1935.


Classic world stamp collection 1841-1935 in 6 old large Yvert albums, partly sparsely filled, but with nice French colonies.

34148 World MNH 1960-2003.


Box with various MNH material in numbers from various countries, including China 1983 stamp booklet (Michel SB 25) 4x, French colonies epreuves, including Polynesia, Yemen perforated and imperforated, etc. Catalogue value approx. 10,000 euros!

33961 World classic 1859-1900.


Stockbook with mint hinged and used classic material from various countries 1859-1900, such as Hawaii, Liberia, Haiti, various French areas, etc. on small dealer pages in stockbook.

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34100 World 1840-1935.


Especially in the European countries well-filled, mint hinged and used, classic world collection 1840-1935 in 6 old, large Schaubek albums. Wonderful collection to continue or to loot.

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34140 World 1840-1930.


Very well filled, mint hinged and used classic stamp collection from all over the world 1840-1930 in 7 old blank Yvert albums, containing material from all countries; 4 albums with Europe, 1 album Asia, 1 album America and 1 album Africa. Nice basis to continue further, very high catalogue value!

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34080 World collection 1840-1924.


Very well filled, mint hinged and used world stamp collection 1840-1924 in old (edition 1924) Schaubek album (album is in very good condition), which includes very good Old German States, Scandinavia, France and colonies, Italy and territories, Great Britain and colonies , Switzerland, Spain, Japan, USA etc.

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34149 World better issues 1850-1936.


Nice lot of old auction items from various countries in stockbook, including old stamps from New Zealand, Lombardy-Venice and various old covers from Portugal and Spain.

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34021 World sorting lot 1854-1986.


Nice, MNH, mint hinged and used sorting lot world 1854-1986, in which nice Great Britain collection,British colonies including much better old Canada, better USA etc. in 9 albums and stockbooks.