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31475 Israel stamp booklets 1951-1999.


Stockbook with an almost complete collection stamp booklets of Israel 1951-1999, including the special booklet for the youth philately of 1989 (Bale B.Pr1). In total 28 booklets.

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31403 Israel 1948-1970.


Beautiful, mostly MNH and covers, very specialised stamp collection Israel 1948-1970 in 4 Borek albums, in which 1st issue (no. 1-6) specialised on types and perfs, on covers and FDC, plate blocks etc. and also 1948 new year in MNH gutterpairs, idem cancelled, 1949 Jeruzalem with tab on cover (Bale $ 350,00), souvenir sheet 1 MNH, idem on FDC, 1949 Petach Tikva on FDC (Bale 750,00), 1949 new year with mint hinged, 1950 independence on FDC, 1950 camel fulltab MNH, 1952 Menorah fulltab MNH, etc. Very high catalogue value!

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31449 Israel interim 1948.


Stockbook with various material from the interimperiod of Israel, including stamps, souvenir sheets and various (philatelic) covers.

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31389 Yemen 1962-1966.


MNH stamp collection Yemen 1962-1966 in small stockbook, in which imperforated material and many better stamps like (Michel no’s): 57a** (cat. € 1000!), 64-65A/B**, 81a** (cat. € 3000!), 231-232A/B**, spuvenir sheet 31**, etc. Catalogue value over 5750 euros.

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31314 Israel 1948-2017!!!


Fantastic used full tab collection, nearly complete incl. most of the early expensive issues, very many extra’s like sheetlets, kleinbogen, personalised sheets, machine vending stamps etc. etc. etc. in 3 albums, 3 stockbooks and big box with the hard to get new issues, in big box. Seldom offered till so recent, has cost a fortune as new issues, now offered very cheap!!

31246 Afghanistan 1893-1982.


Very extensive, MNH, mint hinged and used stamp collection Afghanistan 1893-1982 in 7 stockbooks, including many extra’s, but unfortunately tinted material.

31218 Israel sorting lot 1948-2010.


Nice sorting lot Israel 1948-2010, in which e.g. 1st issue, stamp booklets, private stamp booklets, new year 1948 têtê-bêches, various covers etc.

31315 Israel 1948-1974.


Well filled, mostly fulltab, cancelled stamp collection Israel 1948-1974 in Leuchtturm album.

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31197 Israel 1948-2001.


Very well filled, MNH, fulltab stamp collection Israel 1948-2001, including souvenir sheets, booklets, various envelopes etc. in 8 albums.

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