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31314 Israel 1948-2017!!!


Fantastic used full tab collection, nearly complete incl. most of the early expensive issues, very many extra’s like sheetlets, kleinbogen, personalised sheets, machine vending stamps etc. etc. etc. in 3 albums, 3 stockbooks and big box with the hard to get new issues, in big box. Seldom offered till so recent, has cost a fortune as new issues, now offered very cheap!!

31246 Afghanistan 1893-1982.


Very extensive, MNH, mint hinged and used stamp collection Afghanistan 1893-1982 in 7 stockbooks, including many extra’s, but unfortunately tinted material.

31218 Israel sorting lot 1948-2010.


Nice sorting lot Israel 1948-2010, in which e.g. 1st issue, stamp booklets, private stamp booklets, new year 1948 têtê-bêches, various covers etc.

31315 Israel 1948-1974.


Well filled, mostly fulltab, cancelled stamp collection Israel 1948-1974 in Leuchtturm album.

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31306 Saudi Arabia 1960-1975.


Folder with various MNH stamps of definitive sets (oil refinery, airplane) of Saudi Arabia 1960-1975, including better ones.

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31197 Israel 1948-2001.


Very well filled, MNH, fulltab stamp collection Israel 1948-2001, including souvenir sheets, booklets, various envelopes etc. in 8 albums.

31103 Hedjaz 1916-1925.


As good as complete, mint hinged stamp collection Hedjaz 1916-1925 on albumpages in springback, in which e.g. (Michel no’s): 1-3* in various perfs, 4-7*, 8-13*, 14-19*, 14-19*, 20-27*, 28-29*, 30-37*, 38-39*, 40-46*, 82-88a*, 89-95*, 96-102*, postage dues 10-12a*, 10-12b*, 19-26*, etc. High catalogue value, seldomly offered so complete!

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31058 Israel 1948-1954.


Almost complete, cancelled, fulltab stamp collection Israel 1948-1954 on albumpages in folder including no. 7-9 with certificate.

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31056 Palestina 1920-1921.


Mint hinged collection so called Jerusalem overprints of Palestina 1920-1921 (Michel 15-25) in album. In total 36 almost complete sets, all with small flaws in the overprints. Nice collection, seldomly offered!

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