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39161 Old German States 1850-1920.


Nicely filled, mint hinged and used stamp collection Old German States 1850-1920, including good stamps, in blank album.

39173 Ireland 1937-1979.


Apparently complete, canceled stamp collection Ireland 1937-1979 in Collecta album.

39165 Czechoslovakia specialised 1919-1970.


Beautiful, specialised stamp collection Czechoslovakia 1919-1970, including proofs, misprints, designs, essays, labels, etc. on stock pages in box. Lots of scarce material present.

39132 Netherlands FDC’s 1963-2017.


Complete collection of neatly adressed first day envelopes from the Netherlands 1963-December 2017 in 6 Davo FDC albums with slipcases. Catalogue value 4300 euros.

39145 Belgium 1927-1939.


Mainly luxe MNH stamp collection Belgium 1927-1939, including many good sets and souvenir sheets in old Leuchtturm album. Catalogue value over 8,500 euros.

39147 Great Britain used in Gibraltar.


Nice collection of 87 British stamps canceled in Gibraltar, on stockpages in folder.

39143 Germany local and Zones 1945-1948.


Well filled, MNH, mint hinged and used stamp collection local stamps from Germany 1945-1948, including good postal cards and souvenir sheets, in Safe album.

39176 Malta 1863-1882.


Mint hinged and used, specialised stamp collection 1st issue Malta 1863-1882 on stockpages in folder.

39121 Netherlands presentationpacks 1982-2001.


Totally unique collection, the presentationpacks in guilders from 1982 to 2001, all cancelled on the last day of validity, housed in 13 special presentationpack albums + the stamps loose extra. The collector was so angry that the criminals of the Dutch post invalidated the stamps, that on the last day of validity he went to the Post office and had them all cancelled on the last day of validity: 31th of October 2013.