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31364 Sweden covers 1864-1960.


Well over 400 in all, ranging from an 1864 stampless folded letter sent Stockholm to Reims to 1960s commercial mail with a few more recent items as well; strong in postal stationery of all descriptions, with a nice mint array; the covers run the gamut of usages, origins and destinations, with Airmail, Registered, Express and Postage Due etiquettes all noted, several mourning covers, package receipts, a 1901 cover from the German Consulate in Carlskrona to Bochum, several German-censored covers from WWII, Military covers and cards, overprinted and uprated stationery, an 1860s folded letter outer sheet franked by 24ö Coat-of-Arms and 3ö Laying Lion, several philatelic items sent to Ringström, Danish boxed “Fra Sverige” handstamps, a Swedish postal card cancelled Copenhagen, etc., Fine to Very Fine with much better, a fun lot

31363 Finland covers 1874-1974.


Several hundred in total, mostly commercial, plus a stock of hundreds of various postal cards mint and used, the used all with handstamped addresses of a doctor in India or Austria with “Båtpost” or “Med båt frå Finland” straightline handstamps; covers include a myriad of frankings and usages, with slogan cancels and meters Post Office Official Business covers, a Military Post cover, Airs, Dues, Registered and Printed Matter markings; even an uncxd Itä-Karjala overprinted Mannerheim on a cover sent to Helsinki; generally in good nick

31360 Netherlands covers 1852-1960.


This holding belies the country’s small size; the 5000+ (+) covers, postal stationery items (of all descriptions) and postcards show the Low Countries still hold writing dear; the earliest items included are several stampless items with handstamped fees, with a full range of philatelic usages: definitives and commemoratives, Semi-Postals, Airs, Dues, Express and Officials; Parcel Post receipts, Bahnpost cancels, Registered covers, Feldpost items, postal counterfoils/receipts for mailing, Censors, a Rocket Mail cover (!), etc., etc.; while most items run 1880s on, we note a First Issue 10c on cover sent Breda to ‘s-Hertogenbosch, several covers bearing the perforated Second Issues, and more; exceptionally clean throughout, Fine to Very Fine, don’t go Dutch on this one—you’ll want it all for yourself

31359 France and Colonies covers 1770-1960.


With an estimated 3000 covers, cards and stationery items, this collection will have you saying “sacre bleu!” for quite some time; France proper is predominant, with a nice array of stampless covers followed by strong selections from each of the main issues: Cérès and Napoléons, Sages, Blancs and Mersons, Sowers and Mariannes, with many commemoratives, Airs, etc., included; we note a lengthy run of meters, Allied Occupations uprating a postal card, Military mail (cards and free franks), “Service Refugee” markings, slogan cancels, Due and instructional markings, ship post including a cover for Normandie’s maiden voyage, Telegraph postal cards, a number of 1900 Paris Expo view cards, even a neat cover with a Great Britain accounting mark; among the Colonies spotted are Algeria, Annam, Djibouti (including imprinted “France Libre” frankings), Guadeloupe, Indochina, Lebanese Airmail overprints, Madagascar, Martinique, etc.; fresh and chic as only the French can do

31358 Portugal/Luxemburg/Greece covers 1880-1960.


Approximately 400 in total, roughly evenly divided among the three countries; Greece (127) mainly 1890s-1940s, with Printed Matter and Air usages, “Opened” and “Controle du Change” tapes, colorful commemorative frankings, picture post cards, stationery (mint and used, most identified in pencil with plate flaws noted), meter stamps, overprints, etc.; Luxembourg (161), runs the 1880s to 1980s, with First Flight Covers, German WWII Occupation frankings, a Marseille Railway Station cancel, a few recent fdcs but most commercial, Air and Registered usages, with lots of picture post cards and company advertising corners/designs, and more; Portugal & Colonies (111) from an 1855 King Pedro V 25R stationery entire through the 1980s, with a number of real photo picture post cards of Madeira, ship mail, etc., plus covers from Angola, Funchal (with perfined adhesives), Horta (Airmail!), Mozambique, St. Tomás & Principe, and the like; nice mix of domestic and international destinations across the board, with nearly all fresh and sound, Fine to Very Fine with much better

31356 Belgium and Colonies covers 1850-1960.


Approximately 409 Belgium cards & covers and 23 Belgian Congo cards & covers, first day covers, advertising including Hamburg Amerika Linie, mint & used postal stationery, picture postcards, meters, postage dues, Brussels Exposition, destinations, propaganda, first flights and some ephemera, clean, attractive & valuable, Fine to Very Fine.

31351 Netherlands 1852-1982.


Wellfilled mainly used collection in a little mixed condition, many better stamps present like 1/2, 4/28, 30/47, 104, 131 on piece, 136/138 exhibition set etc. etc. in Davo album. Massive catalogue value!

31349 Netherlands first day covers 1950.


Complete year, with nr. 1a (without text ‘Zomerzegels 1950’, E2 (opened at top), E3 and E4, in folder. Cat. value 3725 euro, bargain!

31348 Great Britain 1840-1945.


Used collection in mainly very good condition, many better stamps like 1840: 1d black and 2d blue, 1847 embossed set of 3, very much surface printed incl. platenumbers, values to 5sh, Victoria high values to 10sh, Edward to 10sh, George V to 10sh etc. etc. on albumpages, in folder