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34111 Western Australia cancels 1886-1910.


Stock page with 125 classic stamps in mostly beautiful quality of Western Australia 1886-1910 with beautiful cancels.

34114 Australia covers 1914-1936.


Folder with 14 letters from Australia 1914-1936, including registered mail, airmail, nice postage, cancels, etc. all sent to Sweden.

34113 Australia 1938-1949.


Stockpage with canceled high values ​​of Australia 1938-1949 (5 and 10 shillings and 1 pound), including imprints, pairs and blocks of 4, fiscal punctured, specimen overprints, etc.

34112 Australia mixed frankings 1915-1952!


Folder with 34 whole covers and cards and 1 front of a cover from Australia with mixed franking with Australian States 1915-1952. Rarely offered!

34109 Australia 1930.


Folder with 22 covers from Australia 1930, all franked with 1½ or 3 penny Sturt stamps (Stanley Gibbons no’s 117-118), including registered covers, many mixed frankings and airmail covers, including mixed franking with New Zealand stamps, etc. Nice lot!

34008 Tasmania 1857-1870.


Stockpage with imperforate block of 6 of 6 penny (small cut vertically between 2 stamps), imperforate block of 10 of 1 shilling and perforated block of 4 of 1 shilling of Tasmania 1857-1870.

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33408 Australia 1966-1991.


Mint never hinged lot with (better) sets and sheetlets, Cook 1970 sheetlet with many different exhibition overprints etc. etc. in stockbook.

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33510 Australia perfins 1900-1970.


Stockbook with over 900 stamps from Australia 1900-1970 with various perfins, including OS and OS NSW perforations.

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33246 Australia imprint blocks 1926-1932.


Stockbook with 32 mint and used imprint blocks from Australia 1926-1932 with Ash and Mullett inscriptions.

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