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30796 Isle of Man 1973-2003.


Complete, MNH stamp collection Isle of Man 1973-2003 including souvenir sheets in 2 luxe Lindner albums with slipcases.

30794 Falkland Islands 1933-2010.


Well filled, mostly MNH stamp collection Falkland Islands 1933-2010 in 2 stockbooks, including better stamps like (Stanley Gibbons no’s): 120-125*, 132** (2x), 134** (3x), 139-142**, 158**, 160**, 163**, 172-185**, 187-192**, 193-207**, etc. Also Dependencies present, including A1-8**, B1-8**, G1-8**, G9-16**, G26-44*, etc. Very much material, high catalogue value!

30784 Ghana 1957-2002.


Very well filled, mostly MNH stamp collection Ghana 1957-2002 (unfortunately incomplete) in 2 albums, in which also various duplicates, many thematic sets and some imperforated material.

30779 Canada 1999-2005.


Mint never hinged sets and sheetlets incl. better, high values and many nice thematics, on stockpages and in the expensive yearbooks, in small box. The face value alone is over Can $ 408 = 275 euro. Offered far below face value!!

30809 British Commonwealth varieties 1977-1990.


Stockbook with varieties of British Commonwealth 1977-1990, like missing perfs, wrong perfs, missing colors, progressive proofs etc.

30768 Isle of Man 1876(!)-2011.


Impressive collection in 20 folders, two “lighthouse” form albums, a letter album and some loose stamps stocked in six book boxes! The collection was built under aspectes of postal history and begins with a letter from Manchester to the Isle of Man from 1876 and four “island letters” dated 1881-87, followed by 40 old picture postcards from 1903, as well as a variety of better and rare cancellations of different localities with also field post and special cancellations. As well an extensive part first day covers and also postal stationeries. The collection is accompanied by a range of specialties such as rare varieties and plate flaws, these partly expertised by Mr. Möhle BPP with certificates and additional rarest pre-designs for various editions. Also containing a mint never hinged collection part with booklets and gutterpair, as well as some postal stationeries and numis letters. An object accumulated in decades of collecting activity with high capital expenditure, which we can recommend to you unreservedly!

30766 Great Britain and Colonies 1870-1960.


Mainly used country collections incl. decent GB (also face value), Marocco Agencies, South Africa and the old territories, some useful India and States, Hong Kong, New Zealand etc. etc. in 11 stockbooks. Lots of useful pickings present!!

30662 Great Britain combinations from stamp booklets 1912-1942.


Nice, cancelled collection stamps of Great Britain 1912-1942 with adverts (from stamp booklets) on albumpages in folder, including 3 covers. Seldomly offered!

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30651 Hong Kong 1862-2009.


Extensive, mostly cancelled, somewhat specialised stamp collection Hong Kong 1862-2009 in 2 blank cahiers, including some good classic stamps.

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