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34221 Great Britain Machins/castles 1971-2005.


Mainly canceled, somewhat specialised stamp collection Machin and castles of England 1971-2005, including regional stamps, booklet panes, high values up to 10 pounds, coil stamps etc. in 3 blank albums.

34241 South Africa 1910-1996.


Specialised collection back of the book, specimens, cinderellas, labels, Christmas stamps, paquebot, military etc. from South Africa 1910-1996 in 2 Leuchtturm albums with slipcases.

34239 South Africa cancels 1910-1913.


Beautiful, specialised cancel collection South Africa 1910-1913, in which stamps of Cape of Good Hope, Natal, Orange river, all used in other states, in Leuchtturm album with slipcase.

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34118 Australia FDC’s 1944-1952.


Box with approx. 250 FDC’s from Australia 1844-1952. Many different envelopes, scarce material!

34119 Great Britain 1952-2000.


Beautiful, mainly MNH engros lot Great Britain 1952-2000, in which the good Wilding and Castles sets engros, phosphor sets, stamp booklets, prestige booklets, Machins up to high values in numbers, gutterpairs, souvenir sheets etc. in 5 bindings and various boxes. Huge catalogue value and face value!

34121 Great Britain 1935-1999.


Nearly complete, MNH stamp collection (in the beginning also some mint hinged stamps) Great Britain 1935-1999 in 5 volumes, also including booklets, some material after 2000, Channel Islands etc.

34228 Canada 1882-2011.


Well filled, mainly MNH (until 1940 mainly mint hinged) stamp collection Canada 1882-2011 in 4 luxe leuchtturm albums, in which many better stamps such as (Stanley Gibbons no’s): 141-149*, 159*, 303* (signed), 319 -325*, special delivery 4*, 6*, 7*, a fair amount of service stamps, and a lot of modern material, including booklets and souvenir sheets. Very high catalogue value!

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34229 New Zealand 1929-1992.


Slightly messy, MNH, mint hinged and used stamp collection New Zealand 1929-1992 in 5 volumes, in which better stamps such as (Stanley Gibbons no’s): 546-547 (Smiling boys), 552, 553, otherwise many blocks of 4, stamp booklets, (Health) sheets, service stamps, etc.

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34222 Falkland Dependencies 1891-1987.


MNH collection Falkland Dependencies 1891-1987 in 3 volumes, in which also an extensive part covers, FDCs and cards, many sent from expeditions to the South Pole, including signed envelopes.

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