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38458 Netherlands 2011-2018.


Complete MNH stamp collection of Beautiful Netherlands cities up to and including the present with 100 sheets of 3 stamps and 100 pre-paid cards in 2 expensive special albums. Nominal already 350 euros. Low circulation!!

38423 Netherlands FDC’s 1952-2014.


Complete collection of first day envelopes of the Netherlands 1952-December 2014, including various old envelopes without addresses, in 6 Davo albums. Catalogue value over 6250 euros!

38400 Netherlands and Colonies proofs and specimen 1852-1945.


Indrecible collector accumulation of around 1600(!!!) proofs, essays and specimen (also few reprints and fantasy issues present), starting with first issue (mainly Moesman), extensive 1864 issues including blocs of 4, perforated proofs, 1869 arms including many imperfs, 1872 with values to 2 1/2 guilder, 1891 Wilhelmina including rare material, postage dues etc. etc. Also hundreds of items of the Colonies including many of the William III issues, Surinam including the scarce 1945 ABN specimens to 10 guilders multiple, other good back of the book issues, in album. Around 1600 items, it took the collector decades to get this together, never offered so extensive anywhere in the world!! Unique opportunity!!!

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38389 Netherlands 1852-2008.


Reasonably filled mint/used/mnh collection including better pre-war issues, from 1945 onwards virtually complete including sheetlets and very much face value, in 6 expensive Davo de Luxe albums + slipcases. Very high cat. value and face value!

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38387 Netherlands 1852-1979.


Mint/used/mint never hinged, in the mainnumbers only 6 stamps missing, mixed condition, including the better classics, the expensive issues of the 20/30/50’s very much better mint never hinged pre-war issues(!), sheetlets, back of the book with interrupted perfs, airmails including 1951 seagull high values, court of justice, internment stamps 1 and 2, postage dues etc. in very wellfilled Importa album. Massive catalogue value and offered very cheap!

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38386 Netherlands 1951-2015!


Nice collection of first day covers, from E5 (1951) onwards including unaddressed, from E39 complete including A-numbers, right up to E725 (december 2015!). The covers in euro value are hard to get, only few are made. Catalogue value NVPH over 4950 euro! Bargain!

37821 Netherlands FDC’s 1950-2012.


Complete collection of first day envelopes Netherlands 1950-December 2012, in somewhat mixed quality in 7 FDC albums, catalogue value 9500 euros!

38268 Netherlands 1852-1986.


Well filled, MNH, mint hinged and used stamp collection Netherlands 1852-1986 in Davo album, including good stamps such as (NVPH no’s): 11, 14, 18, 44, 105, 130-131, 550-555**, 556-560* *, 592-595* etc.

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38271 Netherlands FDC’s 1950-1995.


Very well filled collection of first day envelopes from the Netherlands 1950-1995 in Davo FDC album. Catalogue value over 5400 euros.

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