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36875 France 1849-1940.


Mint/used/mint never hinged collection in mainly very good condition, starting with 1849: 15c to 1fr used, 1852: 10c and 25c, 1853/60 imperfs: 1c, 10c, 20c, 40c and 80c mint, also 80c used, 1862 perfs 1c to 40c mint, 80c used, 1862/70: 1c to 40c mint, 1870/71 Bordeaux issue 1c to 80c mint, 30c used, many other better and scarce issues, in Lindner album. Gigantic catalogue value!!

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36915 France Liberation 1944-1945.


Incredible specialised collection of the France liberation issues, very good condition, largest part fresh mint never hinged, a lot of signed material present, up to the high values, varieties, inverted- and double overprints, pairs with different types of overprints, locals, unissued stamps, collected according to the Mayer catalogue, in album. Catalogue value according to knowledgable collector over 55.000 EURO!!! Unique collection, seldom offered so extensive, in such wonderful condition!!!

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36944 France back of the book 1868-1944.


Small collection of back of the book stamps from France, in which RF overprints MNH, telegram stamps used, newspaper stamps used, etc. on album pages in folder.

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36819 France.


Nice diverse lot France in 2 stockbooks, in which war forgeries, stamps with advertising, stamp booklets and booklet panes, fiscal stamps, many cinderellas, etc. Nice lot!

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36898 France 1849-1955.


Reasonably filled, mint hinged and used stamp collection France 1849-1955 in old album, including better stamps such as (Yvert no’s): 5 (repaired), 42B, 47, 48, 49, 61(*), 63, 71, 95, 122, airmail 15 (thin spot), etc.

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36894 France and colonies covers 1885-1950.


Small collection of covers (and some pieces) from France and colonies 1885-1950 in somewhat mixed quality, in folder.

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36679 France 1920-1970.


MNH and mint hinged stamp collection France 1920-1970 in blank album, including better stamps such as (Yvert no’s): 170-181*, 252*, 256*, 262*, 321*, 354-355*, 398*, 867-872* *, 891-896**, 930-35**, 945-950**, 989-994**, 1027-1032**, souvenir sheet 3** (Pexip), etc. Also duplicates in sheet folder and on stock cards.

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36728 France stamp booklets 1952-2011.


Collection of MNH and canceled stamp booklets of France 1952-2011, including red cross booklets, day of the stamp booklets, Christmas booklets, etc. in stockbook.

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36619 France 1945-1995.


Lot mainly MNH material from France 1945-1995, including better stamps, blocks of 4, gutterpairs, precancels, airmail and face value in 4 stockbooks.

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