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31359 France and Colonies covers 1770-1960.


With an estimated 3000 covers, cards and stationery items, this collection will have you saying “sacre bleu!” for quite some time; France proper is predominant, with a nice array of stampless covers followed by strong selections from each of the main issues: Cérès and Napoléons, Sages, Blancs and Mersons, Sowers and Mariannes, with many commemoratives, Airs, etc., included; we note a lengthy run of meters, Allied Occupations uprating a postal card, Military mail (cards and free franks), “Service Refugee” markings, slogan cancels, Due and instructional markings, ship post including a cover for Normandie’s maiden voyage, Telegraph postal cards, a number of 1900 Paris Expo view cards, even a neat cover with a Great Britain accounting mark; among the Colonies spotted are Algeria, Annam, Djibouti (including imprinted “France Libre” frankings), Guadeloupe, Indochina, Lebanese Airmail overprints, Madagascar, Martinique, etc.; fresh and chic as only the French can do

31145 France, cancels Paris 1849-1990.


Very extensive lot cancels of Paris 1849-1999, many on cover, sorted by postoffice in 7 ordners.

31289 France and colonies 1862-1992.


Messy, but reasonably filled, mint hinged and used stamp collection France and colonies 1862-1992 in 6 albums, in which nice classic part and also e.g. (Yvert no’s): 152, 153, 154, 156, 168, 229-232, 252*, 269*, 321, 354-355, 398, airmail 15, souvenir sheet 3* (Pexip), etc. Also much material of various colonies present.

31329 France cancels.


Nice collection cancels of France in blank album, in which e.g. Parisian star cancels, small and large numeral cancels and also 2 pages with socalled piquage à cheval stamps.

31203 France 1849-1975.


Very well filled, MNH, mint hinged and used stamp collection France 1849-1975 in 2 Davo albums, in which e.g. (Yvert no’s): 153, 154, 155* (!), 156*, 162-169*, 182* (Bordeaux overprint), 216*, 229-232*, 252*, 257A* (le Havre overprint, signed), 269*, 321*, 348-351* (stamps from Pexip sheet), 354-355, 867-872**, 930-935**, 945-950**, 989-994**, etc.

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31216 France 1854-1860.


Stockbook with the 20 centimes Napoleon imperforated in gigantic numbers with cancels, colors and varieties. Beautiful lot to specialise!

31215 France 1849-1979.


Nicely filled, cancelled stamp collection France 1849-1979 in Schaubek album, in which nice classic material (some mixed quality), good back of the book (airmail, poatage dues etc.) and some general issues French colonies.

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31209 France 1937-2002.


Almost complete, mostly MNH stamp collection France 1937-2002 in 3 luxe Leuchtturm albums. Very high catalogue value and face value!

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31092 France 1849-ca. 1960.


Nicely filled, mint hinged and used stamp collection France 1849-1960 in blank album, in which e.g. (Yvert no’s): 61*, 122, 156*, 162-168, 216*, 229-232, 249-251, 253-255, 256*, 266-268*, 269*, 275-277* (275 cancelled), 354-355*, etc.

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