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30794 Falkland Islands 1933-2010.


Well filled, mostly MNH stamp collection Falkland Islands 1933-2010 in 2 stockbooks, including better stamps like (Stanley Gibbons no’s): 120-125*, 132** (2x), 134** (3x), 139-142**, 158**, 160**, 163**, 172-185**, 187-192**, 193-207**, etc. Also Dependencies present, including A1-8**, B1-8**, G1-8**, G9-16**, G26-44*, etc. Very much material, high catalogue value!

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29907 Falkland Islands 1891-1983.


MNH, mint hinged and used stamp collection Falkland Islands 1891-1983 on blank albumpages in folder, in which a.o. (Stanley Gibbons no’s): Falkland Islands 48*, 139-142*, 146-162*, etc. Also Falkland Dependencies and some British Antarctics present.

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