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34566 Cuba 1879-2019!!


Very well filled, partly double, MNH, mint hinged and used stamp collection Cuba 1879-2019 in 7 stockbooks and loose albumpages, in which many better stamps such as (Michel no’s): 104-117A*, 104-117B**, 131-153** , 294-300** (few brown spots), 322-329*, 393*, 394*, 496-506**, 598-608**, 681-695*, 1319-1343** (some toning), souvenir sheets 15(*), 17*, etc.

34502 USA 1918-1941.


MNH and mint hinged lot USA 1918-1941 in glassines in box, containing better stamps and blocks of 4, airmail 1-6*, Zeppelin 50 cents mint hinged etc.

34593 Netherlands Antilles 1949-2007.


Nearly complete, MNH stamp collection Netherlands Antilles 1949-2007 in 2 luxe Kabe albums, including souvenir sheets, various gutterpairs, contents of stamp booklets, etc.

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34505 Brazil 1959-1997.


Enormous stock of mainly MNH material from Brazil 1959-1997 in sheets and sheetparts in box.. Huge amount of material, older part somewhat mixed quality.

34543 Curaçao 1881.


Curaçao 1881, 25 cent perforation 11½:12 (NVPH 7E) used with certificate NVPH, catalogue value 1000 euros. Rare!

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34523 Ecuador 1899-1952.


Well filled, MNH, mint hinged and used, specialised stamp collection Ecuador 1899-1952 on self-made albumpages in 2 bindings, in which also proofs, specimen overprints, plate errors and varieties, covers etc. Nice collection!

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34525 USA 1851-1980.


First canceled, from ca. 1945 also MNH and mint hinged, partly double stamp collection USA 1851-1980 in 3 Schaubek albums with slipcases.

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34510 USA 1927-1994.


Mainly MNH stamp collection USA 1927-1994 in 6 Davo albums, in which also many extras such as blocks of 4, sheets and sheet parts, souvenir sheets etc.

34521 USA canal zone 1904-1951.


Nicely filled, somewhat specialised, mint hinged and used stamp collection USA Canal zone 1904-1951 on selfmade album pages in album. Ex. Collection Caarls.

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