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31323 USA 1847-1995.


Messy, but well filled, MNH, mint hinged and used stamp colelction USA 1847-1995 in 4 albums, in which e.g. much good classic material. Also a 2nd colelction including duplicates in album and 4 stockbooks, in which many precancels.

31102 Surinam FDC’s 1927(!)-1975.


Extensive, somewhat specialised collection first day covers of Surinam 1927-195 in large box. Contains ca. 3000 covers, including better old ones and modern ones on many different envelopes.

31151 USA 1847-2007.


Fantastic lot postage stamps of USA 1847-2007 in 16 volumes, in which very much good classic material, nice cancels, proofs, stamp booklets, precancels, many blocks of 4, very well filled part back of the book etc. Enormous catalogue value, ideal lot for reseller!

31321 South America 1853-1985.


Very well filled, mostly cancelled stamp collections Chile, Colombia and Venezuela in 4 albums, amongst which 3 large Yvert albums. The collection contains much better and unusual material like Chile good part 1st issue, various non-official souvenir sheets, Colombia extensive part insurance stamps for valuable letters, well filled part departments, very good classic part including many expensive stamps, Venezuela good classic part, good part revolution stamps, airmail almost complete, etc.

31278 Central America 1863-1978.


Comprising Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras and Panama, in five Scott Specialty albums; each nicely filled and running to about 1980; earlies fresh, clean and sound overall, with many mint; each collection runs through Scott’s Back-of-the-Book listings, and includes stationery and Revenues, not often found in standard collection lots; pretty material throughout, with many of the iconic issues present, Fine to Very Fine with better!

31324 USA MNH 1940-2003.


Massive mint never hinged collector estate with sets, sheetlets, sheets, coilstamps, booklets etc. etc. in 7 albums, 4 folders and loose, in box. Face value alone $ 3650++ = over 3300 euro!!! Offered well below face value, unpicked, very much premium material present!!

31350 USA 1840-1997.


Massive specialised collection, need some work done (it contains several collections from classic onwards, the collector wanted to make one collection from this, but never got around to do this), many good classics, many values to 90c, partly specialised, Columbus to $2, Omaha to $2, later organised and double collected with many extra’s, perfs, types, blocs and sheetlets, also White Plain sheetlet used, good back of the book with officials, locals, airmails, cut outs, postal stationary envelopes from classics onwards, nice covers etc. etc. etc. housed in 25 albums(!!!). Offered very cheap!!

31281 Latin America 1850-2000.


Very big mint and used collection of many different countries incl. better Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela, housed in 31(!!) reasonably to wellfilled albums, bargain!

31225 USA 1972-1987.


MNH collection blocks of 4 of USA 1972-1987 in 9 special albums with descriptions. High original purchase value!