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37674 Thematics butterflies 1940-1990.


Interesting mainly mnh collection incl. much better material, imperfs, varieties, epreuves, fiscal documents franked with butterfly stamps, collection needs to be sorted, main part on pages in box + 2 albums. Good and cheap lot!

37673 Thematics dogs covers 1900-2000.


Pretty collection of covers, cards and first day covers, a lot of material incl. better, countries A-Z, from classic to modern, housed in 6 binders + loose, in box. Nice collection!!

37671 Thematics dogs 1950-2010.


Nice mint never hinged collection, mainly sets and sheetlets, countries A-Z, untill very recent, large quantity of good material present, also some other animals, in 4 wellfilled stockbooks.

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37508 Thematics flowers 1936-2014.


Wonderful mint never hinged collection of sets, sheetlets, booklets, kleinbogen, from old to modern, from countries A-Z, many better sets and sheetlets present including China expensive sheetlets, Macao, Thailand, British Commonwealth, many face value issues present, housed in 22 mainly thick fat stockbooks. Great collection with massive retail value!!

37465 Thematics fishes and sealife till 2021!!


Massive mainly mint never hinged collection of fishes and sealife, with very many sets, sheetlets, kleinbogen etc. from old to new, including Great Britain and Colonies seahorses mint to 10 shilling, better definitive sets to the high values, countries A-Z, also fishingships, sa exploration etc. etc. housed in 18 albums.

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37299 Thematic Fauna 1950-2000.


Beautiful, MNH stamp collection animals 1950-2000, in which sets souvenir sheets, stamp booklets etc. in 9 albums. Also some flora present, a lot of material!

37298 Theme Flora 1953-2000.


Very well filled lot of MNH sets and souvenir sheets with motif flora from European countries 1953-2000, including better material, stamp booklets, imperforated stamps etc. in 4 albums.

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36871 Thematic Animals 1950-2013.


Mainly MNH thematic lot of animal stamps from various countries 1950-2013, in which sets, souvenir sheets, sheetlets, including postage valid material, also some FDC’s etc. in 4 albums.

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36174 Thematics Horses 1920-1970.


Nice MNH thematic stamp collection Horses 1920-1970 in 5 blank albums, including souvenir sheets, some covers and cards.

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