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38131 European countries 1867-1943.


Various MNH, mint hinged and canceled small country collections of European countries, including better issues, on albumpages in folder.

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38242 European countries mint never hinged 1937-2002.


Wonderful mint never hinged in quantities, massive amount of sheetlets, kleinbogen, sheets, booklets of many different countries, very much face value material, also old better blocs including Iceland bloc 1/2, Luxemburg 1937 bloc, Yugoslavia with old expensive blocs, also good thematics, very large amount of material, in 7 expensive Lindner albums + big box of sheetlets. Great lot for resellers, massive cat. value and face value!!

38113 Eastern Europe 1992-1996.


Extensive, MNH stamp collection overprints of Ukraine, peacekeepers in Yugoslavia, etc. in album. Rarely offered so extensively!

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37988 European countries 1919-1948.


MNH, mint hinged and used lot European countries 1919-1948, in which nice German Zones, Italy local stamps, Hungarian areas etc. in binder.

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37351 European countries MNH 1990-2000.


Hugely extensive accumulation of MNH sets, souvenir sheets, and booklets from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Croatia and Czechoslovakia. Many thousands of items, including better stamps and good motif in stockbooks, folders and loose.

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37707 European countries 1871-1999.


Several good one country collections, from American estate, unpicked and untouched, with good collections of San Marina (a mint and a used collection, both with many good items!), Vatican, Montenegro from 1893 to 1944, extensive Yugoslavia and aereas, a wonderful cancellation collection of Austrian and Hungarian stamps used in Croatia, Slovenia, Transylvania, Triest and other aereas (many good stamps here!!) etc. etc. housed in 13 very wellfilled albums, on stockpages and loose, in 2 big boxes. Great collection, much hard to find material present!!

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37705 Eastern Europe 1855-2010.


Powerful mint/used/mint never hinged collections of over 20 countries, main value in the old and classic issues, very much scarce and sought after material present of e.g. Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Georgia, Karelia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, the baltic states, Tanna Tuva, Ukraine Yugoslavia etc. in 12 bulging, exploding homemade albums. What a great collection, ideal to continue!!

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37345 European countries souvenir sheets.


Very extensive, MNH collection of souvenir sheets, stamp booklets, kleinbogen, sheetlets etc. from various European countries, including better ones such as Saar Hochwasserhilfe souvenir sheet 2, Cyprus 1995 sheet with overprint, Sweden including old booklets and Rabatt booklets, Great Britain including nominal booklets, Scandinavia nominal etc. in 9 albums.

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37192 European countries souvenir sheets and booklets 1938-2013.


Extensive, canceled stock of souvenir sheets and booklets from various European countries 1938-2013, including some Australia in 6 albums.

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