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32355 Europe classic 1850-1920.


Stockbook with classic material of old German States, Austria, Greece, Scandinavia, etc. Also some more modern stamps present.

32253 Europe covers.


Extensive collection of over 1600 covers and cards of various countries in Europe in 17 cover albums. Contains e.g. Belgium, Luxembourg, Greece with WW II censor, Spain, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe etc. Much material before 1945.

31915 Western Europe souvenir sheets and stamp booklets on FDC.


Nice, unusual collection FDC’s of (mostly) Western Europe with souvenir sheets and stamp booklets. Contains material of manydifferent countries. Also some MNH sheets present.

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31928 Eastern Europe covers 1960’s-1990’s.


Massive lot of thousands and thousands of covers and postal stationery incl. Russia, Belarus early period with mixed frankings, emergency frankings, Baltics 90’s with mixed frankings and emergency frankings, an incredible amount of this interesting material, housed in 3 big removal boxes. Very interesting for specialist or retailer!!

31095 European countries.


Box with old folders with mint hinged and used material of various European countries, including nice Russia, Denmark, Romania, postage dues Netherlands etc.

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31083 Western Europ new issues 1991-2006.


Box with glassines with new MNH and cancelled issues of western Europe 1991-2006 from subscription. Contains much Europa CEPT.

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30789 Eastern Europe 1871-1940.


Reasonable collections of Bulgaria, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary incl. nice occupation, in 2 wellfilled Schaubek albums, includes some toning due to bad storage, so offered very cheap!

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30758 Western Europe collector estate 1933-1990.


Several one country collections, many collected double, both **/* as used, including nice Germany 3rd Reich with better sets and sheetlets, DDR with earlies, Liechtenstein, Austria incl. better 50’s, Switzerland incl. better and much face value, housed in 17 Borek albums + stockbook. Offered at a clearance price!!

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30211 European countries 1860-1920.


Classic partly specialised collection of mainly Mediteranian countries/Levant, with very much cancellation material, proofs, (Fournier) forgeries, cut outs, local post (shipspost) etc. etc. of e.g. Greece and territories, Italian colonies, Romania, Turkey, Montenegro, Cilicia, Serbia etc. etc. in 3 homemade albums. Very much unusual material present!!

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