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31476 Indonesia 1970-1991.


Extensive, MNH stock Indonesië 1970-1991 including the better souvenir sheets (football, tennis,apes) in stockbook. Catalogue value 10.000 euros.

31467 Ryukyu 1948-1972.


MNH, mint hinged and used lot postage stamps of Riukiu 1948-1972 in 2 albums and 5 sheetfolders. Much material, including many sheetlets.

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31447 Indonesia souvenir sheets 1995-1998.


Small box with 1579 MNH souvenir sheets (10 different) of Indonesia 1995-1998. Catalogue value over 3150 euros.

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31378 China 1878-2002.


MNH, mint hinged and used stamp collection China 1878-2002 in 3 stockbooks, in which various better stamps like (Michel no’s): 2* (met gom!), republic 12-20(*), 1952 gymnastics, 146-175(*) both 1st and 2nd printing in blocks of 4, 546-550, many MNH sets from the ’80s and ’90s, back of the book etc.

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31375 Indonesia 1948-1997.


MNH, mint hinged and used, almost complete stap collection Indonesia 1948-1997 in 2 Davo albums. High catalogue value, bargain!

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31401 Indonesia 1949-1984.


Well filled, MNH, mint hinged and used stamp collection Indonesia 1949-1984 in 2 stockbooksm in which much material, including better stamps, many souvenir sheets and several varieties.

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31362 Netherlands Indies Japanese occupation covers 1942-1945.


Per the collector, 250 covers and stationeries in all; there’s a bit of everything here, from personal and business correspondence to Military stationery, POW items and covers to the Red Cross in Switzerland; note stationery of all descriptions, some mint with printing varieties/plate flaws noted; stampless, Censored with various handstamps/signatures, Registered, Officials, etc.; mint and used POW cards, mint and used Japanese Military postal cards (one franked by Japan 7s Diamond Mountains), a postal card addressed to a Marine Camp, BMA overprints with unoverprinted Straits Settlements issues, Sumatra/”T” overprinted Queens, overprinted East Indies Feldpost cards mint, commemorative cancels…even an identity card (!); most all used domestically, making for interesting origin-destination combinations; generally fresh and sound, Fine to Very Fine with better, a fascinating holding of this material, not often encountered (especially in quantity).

31361 Netherlands Indies covers 1880-1950.


Over 2000 items in total by our estimate, with the full range of postal life of the colony on display; note Red Cross covers, Censors from WWII and WWI, “On Active Service” letter sheets, Christmas/New Year cards, Officials, Airs, etc.; note “RIS”, “JAVA” and “Indonesia” overprints, First Flight Covers, an incoming cover from Burma, meters, multiple franking covers, several 1890s items addressed in Japanese (Chinese?), company chops, etc.; much postal stationery, both East Indies and Japanese Occupation, mint and used, and in quantity (variety hunters take note!), with normal, uprated and revalued to be had; a wide range of origins and destinations, both domestic and foreign; Williams and Wilhelminas predominate the frankings, but enough commemoratives, Semi-Postals and Airs to make this lot just that bit more interesting; unsurprisingly, some toning occurs, but overall the items are presentable and clean, Fine to Very Fine or better, a must-see, as this material is seldom offered in such quantity.

31355 Asia covers 1900-1980.


Over 400 in total, the majority of which are commercial covers, with First Days, First Flights, Maximum Cards, Expo cards and country-related foreign items included as well; nearly half are from China (PRC or Taiwan), with the other half spread out over Afghanistan, Japan, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam; most to Europe (though we note several local PRC covers), thus many Airmail and/or Registered usages; majority of items run from the 1970s-90s, with Afghan covers dating from the 1950s; Japan including a colorful five-stamp franking from 1951, vended labels from numerous cities from the 1970s and ’80s (unused, several looking to be lottery-type items), an Akihito Investiture maximum card, and a ship-themed, “Raw Silk” advertising card of Masuzawa Seishi; South Korea mostly from the 1960s, with numerous First Days, including 1958 and 1960 Christmas/New Year stamps plus a number of souvenir sheets from the period; Thailand with colorful frankings and computer-vended labels; Vietnam mostly 1960s, with a real photo 1957 postcard of Angkor and even a 1907 French Indochina-franked postcard; China includes a “Sea Mail” handstamped cover, several Dues markings (“T” and “Taxe Perçue” chops), a slew of maximum cards (mostly of Taiwan commemoratives of the 1970s), unmailed picture post cards of Xi’an, etc., etc.; good condition throughout, Fine to Very Fine, some uncommon material included.

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