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33940 Netherlands and Dutch territories 1852-1965.


Truly great, MNH, mint hinged and used merchant’s stock Netherlands and overseas territories 1852-1965 in 9 thick dealerbooks. Bizarre amount of stamps, including a lot of top. Some examples: The Netherlands 48 (4x), 80* (3x), 80 (2x), 101*, 101 (2x, of which 1x with certificate), 104*, 105* (3x), 131 (3x), 346-349 ** (certificate), 402-403B** (legion blocks, MNH, 7x), 518-537** (high values ​​with certificate), airmail 12-13**, 12-13 (7x), postage dues 28 (2x), marine insurance safe 1-7*, internment 1-2**, Dutch East Indies 1 (2x), 2* (2x), 2, 149-159* (Bandoeng, 4x), 160-166* (Jubilee, 5x), 260** (50 cents gray with watermark, light rust spots), 289** (2x), 287* (4x), marine insurance 1-7*, 289* (2x), Curaçao 25(*) (2x, of which 1x with certificate ), 75-81* (Jubilee, 3x), 104-120* (2x), 178-181* (4x), airmail 18-25* (2x), 82-88*, Suriname 32a(*) (ultramarine, with certificate), 104-110* (5x), airmail 8-14 (Do.X, 5x), 15-19* (3x), etc. etc. Catalogue value well over 300,000 euros!

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33333 Dutch territories covers 1873-1959.


More than 160 covers from the overseas territories 1873-1959, including a lot of airmail, nice frankings, old FDC’s and forerunners, etc. in 2 albums.

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32511 Dutch territories cancels and proofs 1870-1948.


Small stockbook with stamps of Dutch territories with nice cancels. Also some specimen overprints, imperforate proofs, some forgeries etc. Nice lot!

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31312 Dutch territories 1864-1975.


Well filled, MNH, mint hinged and used, on types and perfs specialised stamp collection Dutch territories 1864-1975 in 2 albums. The collection contains e.g. (NVPH no’s): Dutch east Indies 1 (2x), 2 (2x), 3-16 on perfs collected, 149-159* (Bandoeng), 166*, good part service stamps, postage dues, Surinam reasonably filled, idem Curaçao/Antilles, Netherlands New Guinea complete etc. Also a stockbook with duplicates.

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