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39740 German Reich 1872-1945.


Beautiful, MNH, mint hinged and used lot German Reich 1872-1945 in numbers in mostly good quality, including many good stamps like Zeppelin Chicago flight, in 6 stockbooks. Catalogue value over 41,000 euros!

39476 Germany covers 1939-1945.


Very interesting collection of many covers and cards including SS, fieldpost, naval mail etc. Also a passport and an ‘Arbeitsbuch’, in small box. Very interesting lot, ex. Collection Dr. Keizer

39744 German Reich 1889-1945.


Only MNH stamp collection German Reich 1889-1945, including duplicates in album and stockbook. Catalogue value approx. 15,000 euros!

39593 Germany inflation covers 1921-1923.


Wonderful lot of over 900(!!) covers inclusing many better, mixed and multiple frankings, hyper inflation, also many dienstmarken on cover, insured value, sent abroad, great unpicked lot with very much useful material. Offered very cheap, only 2 euro per cover!!

39747 German Reich 1872-1940.


Canceled stamp collection German Reich 1872-1940, including many signed stamps, plate flaws, souvenir sheets, duplicates and better stamps in good quality, in album. Catalogue value over 13,000 euros.

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39657 Germany covers 1939-1945.


Collection of covers from Germany 1939-1945, mainly canceled in Vienna and many propaganda issues, in album.

39464 German Reich perfins on cover 1886-1943.


Beautiful collection of more than 620 (!) covers from German Reich 1886-1943with perfins, including better stamps, a lot of infla covers including mass frankings, illustrated covers, unlisted companies, etc. in 5 albums. Ex. collection Nagel!

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39480 German Reich perfins 1880-1955.


Incredible collection of over 11,000 (!) different perfins from Germany 1872-1955 (different stamps or perfins) set up from A-Z on special album pages, including ‘figures’ perfins, in 4 albums. Unique object, ex. Collection Nagel.

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39430 German Reich 1872-1945.


Beautiful, canceled, in the main numbers almost complete stamp collection German Reich 1872-1945, including all key stamps, souvenir sheets, signed material and various extras, in Davo luxe album with slipcase.

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