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39474 Netherlands FDC’s 1950-1960.


Lot of better FDCs from the Netherlands 1950-1960, in which child 1950 (6x), castles and child 1951, Riebeeck 1952 (4x), etc. Somewhat diverse quality, including cut open. Catalogue value over 6600 euros!

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39473 Netherlands FDC’s 1950-1960.


Better FDCs from the Netherlands 1950-1960 in mostly nice quality, including several sent abroad. Also some cut open FDCs, Catalogue value over 3500 euros, in folder.

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39469 Netherlands overcomplete 1957-2023!


Wonderful mint never hinged overcomplete collection of the sets and sheetlets, also many extra’s like the stamps from the sheetlets, right up to very modern, housed in 7 Davo albums + slipcases. Under face value the albums for free + the period prior 2001 for free!! Bargain!!

39468 Netherlands sheetlets 1993-2023!!


Wonderful mint never hinged complete collection of sheetlets including the hard to get new issues, Christmas sheetlets, ‘mooi Nederland’ and ‘typisch Nederland’, province sheetlets etc. etc. in 7 very expensive Davo de luxe albums + slipcases. Great collection, face value alone over 2400 euro. Under face value and the expensive albums for free as well (they probably cost over 500 euro by themselves!)!!

39429 Netherlands covers 1821-1955.


Collection of more than 300 covers and cards from the Netherlands 1821-1955, including better frankings, in a ringbinder, only 2 euros each!

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39364 Netherlands 1996-2021!


Overcomplete, MNH stamp collection Netherlands 1996-2021, including sheetlets up to 2010, Beautiful Netherlands and typical Netherlands complete up to 2021 in 6 Davo lue albums with slipcases. Face value already more than 3050 euros. So under face and the albums as a gift!

39321 Netherlands 1940-2019!


MNH stamp collection Netherlands 1940-2019, including more than 1,730 euros of face value material in 2 stockbooks.

39365 Netherlands complete 1852-2021!!


In the main numbers complete, MNH, mint hinged and used stamp collection Netherlands 1852-2021, including back of the book, although without three-hole syncopated no. 32, but with postage dues complete, internment, postal receipt, marine insurance, airmail, service, etc. in 7 Davo albums. Recommended!

39362 Netherlands stamp booklets 1964-2003.


Complete collection stamp booklets from the Netherlands 1964-2003 in good quality in luxe Davo album with slipcase.

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