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34648 Israel 1948-2015.


Nearly complete, mainly full tab MNH stamp collection Israel 1948-2015, including souvenir sheets and various stamp booklets in 6 luxe Lindner albums and some loose album pages. The first years are unfortunately partly somewhat mixed quality, but contain many better stamps such as (Michel no’s): 1-6** fulltab, 10-14** fulltab, 15** fulltab (brown spots), 18** fulltab ( brown spots), 19-21** fulltab (brown spots), 30-31** fulltab (brown spots), 54** fulltab, 61** fulltab (brown spots), etc. From about 1955 almost complete MNH and full tab.

34471 Israel 1948-2008.


Well filled, mostly MNH stamp collection Israel 1948-2008 in 2 albums and 1 stockbook. The period 1948-1952 is mainly canceled and usually without tab or half tab, from 1953 the collection is almost entirely MNH and with tab. Also nice back of the book and various minisheets present.

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34399 Israel 1948-1961.


Complete, mainly canceled stamp collection Israel 1948-1961 in somewhat mixed quality, on album pages in folder, including 1st set 2x present (1x canceled fulltab and 2 highest values ​​halftab, and 1x umint hinged, but stamps stuck to paper), New Year 1949 fulltab, camel 1950 half tab, Menorah 1952 half tab, etc.

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34217 Israël covers and FDC’s 1949-1985.


Box with approx. 1500 covers, FDCs, postal stationery, soldier cards, airmail sheets etc. from Israel 1949-1985. Bargain!

34182 Israel 1918-2010.


MNH, mint hinged and used stamp collection Israel 1918-2010 in 3 stockbooks, starting with Palestine as British Mandate Territories, then Israel with better stamps, mainly with tab, but in the early years also without tab or half tab. In modern years also several FDC’s present.

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34081 Israel 1948-1950.


MNH and canceled sheet parts of the Interim Period of Israel, including (Bale no’s): 2** in full sheet of 10, 14** in sheet of 6 (Haifa), 15** in sheet of 6, 16** in sheet of 4 (Haifa), 34-41** in complete sheet of 35 stamps (top sheet margin is missing), etc. Also Israel 1950 independence (Bale 29-30) in MNH blocks of 6 with plate number.

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33895 Israel 1948-1986.


In the main numbers complete, MNH and mint hinged full tab stamp collection Israel 1948-1986 in 2 luxe Kabe albums in most beautiful quality. The collection includes (Michel no’s): 3F* (rouletted), 6yA** (50 Mills gray paper), 7-9* (signed), 16**, 18**, 19-21*, 30-31 **, 54** (camel), 66** (Menorah), etc. Nice collection, high catalogue value!

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33858 Israel 1987-2015.


MNH collection sets and souvenir sheets of Israel 1987-2015 in 3 stockbooks, reasonable to very complete, including various stamp booklets. Huge face value!

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33272 Israël covers and FDC’s 1948-2004.


Beautiful lot of covers and FDC’s from Israel 1948-2004 in 6 albums, in which a lot of exceptional material such as (Bale no’s): approx. 20 interim letters/ FDC’s, 1-6 fulltab on FDC, 13 fulltab on cover, 10C fulltab, 11- 13 fulltab on cover, 12A on cover, 17 fulltab on cover, 27-28 fulltab on FDC, 29-30 fulltab on FDC (2x), 38-39 fulltab on FDC, 52-54 fulltab on FDC, souvenir sheet 1 on FDC ( 2x), etc. In total more than 240 envelopes. Very valuable collection!

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