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30804 Switzerland 1900-2000.


Cancelled, from 1946 almost complete, stamp collection Switzerland 1900-2000 in Spanish album. High catalogue value!

30798 France epreuves 1986-2007.


Album with ca. 100 epreuves and similar items of France 1986-2007.

30795 Switzerland Pro Juventute 1952-1971.


Stockalbum with a stock cancelled Pro Juventute stamps of Switzerland 1952-1971. Catalogue value ca. 1500 euros.

30728 Switzerland 1997-2017!!!


Mint never hinged collection including sheetlets, looks pretty complete incl. the high values and thematic sets, in stockbook. Face value alone already over Sw. Fr. 888 = 800+ euro. Modern Switzerland is seldom offered and definitely not below face value!

30622 Switzerland combinations 1908-1953.


Superquality collection, both mint/mnh as used collected, many of the scarce issues double present, very many of the valuable combinations, also some certificates, in special album. Gigantic catalogue value!!

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30557 Switzerland 1854-1959.


Well filled, cancelled stamp collection Switzerland 1854-1959 in blank album, in which various better material like nice classic part including better perfs, Pax set, nice part service, some better sheets (Imaba 1948 and Lunaba 1951, both mint hinged), etc.

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30524 Switzerland 1850-2010.


Very well filled, mint hinged and used stamp collection Switzerland 1850-2010 in 2 Davo albums. The stamps are partly put in the albums with special hinges, which are difficult to get off, but nevertheless a bargain!

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30462 Switzerland service.


Folder with stockcards and albumpages with MNH service stamps of Switzerland like (Michel no’s): service 64-74**, BIE 23-28**, 29-38**, BIT 83-93**, OMS 1-5**, 6-25**, ONU 1-11**, 12-20**, OIR 1-8**, etc. Nice quality, high catalogue value!

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30387 Switzerland covers 1875-1940.


Beautiful collection cancellations from A-Z on cover or card, many small villages, in total over 600 items, in 5 albums. Offered extremely cheap!!

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