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38438 Great Britain 1840-1948.


Stockpage with better stamps from Great Britain 1840-1948, such as penny black and 2 penny blue from 1840, Edward 2/6 shilling to 10 shilling and the 1 pound green, Puc pound mint hinged, etc.

38429 Great Britain 1841-1989.


Mint hinged, mint hinged and used stamp collection Great Britain 1841-1989, containing nice classic material, many phosphor sets, nominal part etc. in stockbook.

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38395 Great Britain and Colonies key stamps 1902-1935.


Incredible lot only expensive mint stamps in good condition, starting with GB Edward VII pound green mint, Seahorses to 10sh(2), Gibraltar pound Edward, Fiji pound Edward, Nyassaland pound Edward (3), St. Helena pound George V(2), and Sierra Leone pound Edward(3), in stockbook. Stanley Gibbons catalogue value 10.250+ pound = 12.000 EURO!! Offered very cheap!

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38394 Great Britain PUC 1929.


The rare stamp, the 1 pound black PUC fine mint hinged with red overprint SPECIMEN, extremely rare stamp, the first time we ever had this stamp!! Catalogue value Stanley Gibbons 3000 POUND!!!

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38393 Great Britain definitives specialised 1952-1980.


Mainly mint never hinged accumulation including much better, starting with 13 mnh Elisabeth II defintive set with tudor crown + many inverted and sideways watermarks, bookletpanes, 8 sets with the scarce Edward crown watermark, graphite and phosphor graphites, 5x the expensive castle set to 1 pound mnh/mint (incl some slightly toned gum), tons of pre-decimal machins and decimal machins specialised, in 2 stockbooks. Nice lot!

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38314 Great Britain exhibition collection 1900-1968.


Very nice lot with much unusual material, good airmail covers, covers with postage dues, covers with special cancels and unusual frankings, stamps with cylinder numbers, GB used in the Channel Islands, Channel Islands 2nd worldwar issues etc. etc. in album.

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38290 Great Britain 1840-1900.


Wonderful collection in well above average condition, 1d and 2d mulready covers, 1840 penny black mint with gum, 1d black used, 1d black on cover, 2d blue, 1847 embossed set, wonderful cover with 1d, 2d perf together with 4x 1sh embossed(!!), powerful surface printed including the good stamps + platenumbers, 1867 high values including 2sh brown, 5sh, 10sh, 1 pound and the rare 5 pound orange(!!), 1883/4 high values incl. 2/5 and 5sh mint, used to 10sh(2 shades), pound lilac Victoria, pound green, many pieces with nice cancellations etc. etc. in stockbook. Very valuable lot!!

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38275 Great Britain 1840-1983.


Very well filled, mainly canceled stamp collection Great Britain 1840-1983, in which good classic material such as (Stanley Gibbons no’s): 127 (Victoria 5 shillings red, plate 1, wm Maltese cross), 128 (Victoria 10 shillings grey, wm Maltese cross), 129 (Victoria 1 pound brown-lilac, wm Maltese cross), 134 (Victoria 5 shillings red, wm anchor), 135 (Victoria 10 shillings gray 1, wm anchor), 185 (Victoria, 1 pound brown-lilac, wm 3 crowns ), 186 (Victoria, 1 pound brown-lilac, wm 3 orbs), 212 (Victoria 1 pound green), 266 (1 pound green Edward), ec. in Stanley Gibbon’s album.

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38299 Great Britain 1841-1908.


Beautiful, specialised, mostly canceled stamp collection Great Britain 1841-1908 in blank Stanley Gibbons album, including plate numbers, covers, blocks of 4, nice cancels, including Maltese Cross with numbers 1 to 12, various security underprints (printed on back), official stamps, various postal stationery, proofs, etc. Very nice collection, high catalogue value!

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