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31348 Great Britain 1840-1945.


Used collection in mainly very good condition, many better stamps like 1840: 1d black and 2d blue, 1847 embossed set of 3, very much surface printed incl. platenumbers, values to 5sh, Victoria high values to 10sh, Edward to 10sh, George V to 10sh etc. etc. on albumpages, in folder

31322 Great Britain 1967-1998.


Collector estate Great Britain 1967-1998, consisting of MNH collection in 2 albums, first day covers in 5 albums and a small pile of yearsets. All together in 1 box.

31290 Great Britain and Commonwealth 1840-1970.


In six Scott Specialty albums, with the strength in Great Britain, containing: 1, 2, 27, 39, 44, 50 (2), 51, 60, 66-68, 70, 94-95, a few sea horses, some officials, offices, useful British America with a few George V key plate high values, Antigua mint George V to 2/6, British Antarctic Territory 1-15 mint, Falkland Islands 62 mint, 95 mint, Leeward Islands 8 mint, Turks and Caicos 105-17 mint, some decent British Pacific with good variety of New Zealand postal fiscals; usual faults among the classic issues, but otherwise Fine to Very Fine.

31343 Great Britain officials 1883-1903.


Nice lot officials of Great Britain 1883-1903 on stockpages in folder, including many better stamps and also some fiscal stamps and telegraph stamps.

31330 Great Britain 1966-1991.


MNH stamp collection Great Britain 1966-1991 in stockbook, in which much face value material.

31336 Great Britain controls 1881-1952.


Nice lot MNH and mint hinged of Great Britain 1881-1952 in stockbook, including some fiscal stamps, cinderella’s and square cuts.

31211 Great Britain 1840-2001.


Well filled, MNH, mint hinged and used stamp collection Great Britain 1840-2001 in 6 luxe Lindner albums with slipcases, in which e.g. penny black (3x), good phosphor sets, much face value material etc.

31240 Great Britain 1952-2000.


MNH, mint hinged and used stamp collection Great Britain 1952-2000 on albumpages in springback and in stockbook, in which e.g. Wilding part specialised, good phosphor sets, Machins etc.

31242 Great Britain 1840-1930.


Folder with stockpages with various classic and better material of Great Britain 1840-1930, including a penny black and 1 pound green Seahorse (repaired).

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