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32500 Italian post in China 1917-1921.


Almost complete, mostly mint hinged stamp collection Italian post in China 1917-1921 on albumpages in folder, in which various better stamps like (Sassone no’s): Pechino 8-17* (no. 8 canceled), 19-27* (no. 27 canceled and with certificate), 28, espresse 1*, 2*, Tientsin 4-13*, 15-23*, 25* (cat. 30.000!), espresse 1*, 2*, postage dues 1-4*, 6, 7, 8* (2x), etc. Catalogue value 42250 euros!

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32499 Italian post on Aegean Islands 1912-1923.


Mostly mint hinged stamp collection Italian post on Aegean Islands 1912-1923 on albumpages in folder.

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50004 Eritrea top collection 1893-1936.


Incredible mint and even mint never hinged nearly complete collection, in very wonderful and fresh condition, with the expensive stamps and sets, including 1893 set overcomplete incl. 20c, 25c and 5 lire MINT NEVER HINGED!!!, 1897/99 set, 1903 set to 10 lire mint + extra 1c with inverted overprint, 1910/14 incl. 15c, 1916 Red Cross set mnh + extra 20 on 5c with overprint variety ‘EPITREA’, 1916 high value 10 lire, 1923 Manzoni set to 5 lire complete, 1928/29 additional values incl. 60c, 75c and 2L50, 1934 overprint set, fantastic postage dues incl. 1903 set to 10 lire!!!, 1903 overprints 50 lire and 100 lire, 1920/26 to 10 lire incl. the rare 20c MINT NEVER HINGED, parcelpost incl. 1916 set to 4 lire (missing 10c), 1917/24 set to 20 lire (missing 10L) etc. etc. in album. Great collection, catalogue value Sassone 2020 over 42.700 EURO!!! Offered at only 17% catalogue value!!!

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50003 Italian Somalia supercollection 1903-1936.


Very powerful mainly mint/mnh collection, nearly complete incl. the good stamps and sets, in mainly wonderful and fresh condition, starting with 1903 set to 10 anna, the very rare 1905 local overprints 15c and 40c used, 1906/16 overprint set mint, 1916 Red Cross set, 1922 and 1923 overprint sets, 1925 Manzoni set to 5 lire, 1925/6 incl. 60c perf 11, 1926/30 set to 10 lire, 1928 additional values, 1930 Militia, 1932 definitive set of 18 values to 25 lire incl. the scarce 20c and 50c, 1934 overprint set, 1934 airmail set to 25 lire, 1935 visit King to 25 lire, 1935/38 definitive set to 25 lire (missing 20 lire) incl. 2 lire 55 and 20 lire used (both rare stamps!!!), super back of the book incl. Segnatasse per Vaglia both sets mint never hinged, postage dues incl. 1906/8 set to 10 lire (10 lire even mint never hinged!!), 1909/19 to 10 lire (5 lire and 10 lire mint never hinged!), 1925 and 1926 overprint sets, 1934 set to 20 lire mint never hinged, parcelpost incl. 1923 set 25c to 4 lire mint never hinged!!, 1926 red overprints to 20 lire (missing 3 lire), 1928/41 overprints to 20 lire (missing 50c), lso 1934 airmail overprint set 50c to 2 lire mint toned gum (not mentioned in catalogue, signed Sanabria and Brava) etc. etc. in album. The catalogue value of this fantastic collection is over 43.000 EURO!!!!

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50000 Fiume supercollection 1919 -1924.


Once in a lifetime specialised collection, mint, used and mnh, overcomplete with types, perfs, (overprint)varieties, big pile of certificates and signed stamps, first issue specialised to 10kr with types and varieties incl. 10f red on piece with cert. (Sassone 8a, cat. value 5.000 EURO!!!), 10f with white cyphers + cert. (Sassone 22, cat. value 16.000 EURO!!), 1919 set to 10c specialised, franco overprints, 1920 overprints, 1921 and 1922 overprints, 1924 overprints extensive, postage dues with all key stamps, types and varieties, segnatasse, Arbe and Veglia overprints incl. all goodies, followed by a massive amount of (expensive) varieties etc. etc. in album + folder with certificates. It took the collector over 40 years to get this together, all in wonderful fresh condition. The catalogue value Sassone in 2013 was 150.000, must be around 200.000 euro now!!! Incredible and unique collection!!!

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50001 Libya/Tripolitania supercollection 1909-1941


Mouthwatering mint/mint never hinged collection, nearly complete to overcomplete with many extra’s, very good condition throughout, incl. the scarce stamps and sets with 1912 set to 10 lire incl. 5 lire mint never hinged, 1915/16 Red Cross set + extra 15c and 20 on 5 in mint never hinged blocs of 4, 1921 definitive set to 10 lire + several values extra in blocs of 4, 1924/29 definitive set incl. the rare 55c, 1926/30 definitive set incl. the never issued 1c and 2c mint with cert. Bolaffi, 1937 high values 5 lire and 10 lire mint never hinged!!!, postage dues incl. 1915 and 1934 sets, 1925: 60c mint never hinged, parcelpost incl. 1915/24 set to 20 lire, 1927/38 set to 20 lire, Tripolitania incl. 1924 Manzoni set to 5 lire, all other good issues present, Recapito Autorizzato 10c in both colors, 1924 Segnatasse per Vaglia set mint including the very rare 40c, also several covers and other extra’s, in album. Magnificent collection, Sassone 2020 catalogue value over 57.000 EURO!!! Only 17% catalogue value!!!

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32482 Italian States and colonies 1850-1941.


Album and stockbook with various MNH, mint hinged and used material of old Italian States, Italian territories and colonies 1850-1941, including better stamos of e.g. Fiume, Triest, Italian territories in Africa etc.

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32432 Italy picture postcards.


Box with 60 old and very old picture postcard booklets of various Italian cities. Scarce material!

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32420 Italy picture postcards 1900-1940.


Wonderful collection postcards of Naples (Napoli), over 800 cards, mainly different, incl. many expensive and rare cards, wonderful scenes, cards with stamps on the front, beautiful nostalgic collection!!

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