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32419 Italy 1920-1940.


Two large books with original photos from the fascist era in Italy, ca.1920-1940. Lots of very scary people in group and individual photos. Brrrrr.

32104 Italian territories and occupations 1874-1924.


Very well filled, mint hinged and used stamp collection of Italian territories and occupations 1874-1924 in album, in which extensive Italian Levant, Albania including various cards, local post Austria occupation Lombardy-Venice, Italian occupation (including Julian Venice, Trentino, Trentino and Trieste, etc.) , Fiume, etc. Lots of unusual material, very high catalogue value!

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32252 Italy and territories covers 1850-1960.


Extremely extensive lot covers and cards of Italy, Vatican and San Marino from 1850 in 36 (!) well-filled cover albums. The lot contains more than 5000 items, including registered covers, Express, airmail, postal stationery including Cartolina-Vaglia, parcelpost cards, field mail and censorship etc.

32300 Italy and territories and colonies 1918-1981.


Beautiful, almost entirely MNH stamp collection Italy and regions and colonies 1918-1981 on album sheets in a box, including (Michel no’s): 157-159**, 177-182**, 318-324**, 345-357**, 362-368**, 369-371**, 391-405**, 413**, 415-434**, 479-487** (football), 494-513**, 528-531** (531 gum not good), 532-542**, parcel post 48-59**, etc. Furthermore extensive part of colonies and areas present, including Italian East Africa, Trieste, Aegean islands etc. Nice collection!

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32269 Italian colonies 1912-1942.


Well filled, MNH and mint hinged stamp collection Italian colonies 1912-1942 in luxe Marini album with slipcase, in which e.g. (Michel no’s): Lybia 10*, 16-19*, 20-21*, 23*, 24-35*, 36-39*, Cyrenaica 1-4(*), 5-10**, 11-16* (Manzoni, no. 16 no gum), 41-43*, 52-58*, 62-66*, 67-70*, 97-102*, 103-108**, 109-110*, Tripoli 1-4*, 40-44*, 51-56*, 57-58**, 63-65*, 66-71**, 80-85*, 111-114*, 163-176*, 190-195*, 196-197*, etc.

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32255 Italy cards 1900-1945.


Extensive lot of ca. 1700 picture postcards of Italy in 8 albums with slipcases, in which many nice cards and many foreign destinations.

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32296 Lybia varieties 1912.


Stockbook with luxe MNh sheetparts of Lybia 1912 with shifted overprints. Catalogue value Sassone over 34000 euros, bargain!

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32246 Italy football, cycling, sports 1900-1988.


Album with more than 100 postcards, autographed photos, entrance tickets, small poster for international football match Yugoslavia-South Italy 1925 etc.

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32241 Italy and States 1850-1934.


Lot of MNH, mint hinged and used stamps from old Italian States and Italy 1850-1934 in stockbook, in which better stamps but unfortunately somewhat mixed quality.

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