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32048 Taiwan 1945-2009.


Well filled, almost entirely MNH stamp collection Taiwan 1945-2009 in 2 stockbooks, in which e.g. (Michel no’s): 1-2(*), 222-224(*), 366-369**, 396-398*, 402-405**, 409-411*, 436-438**, 439-441**, 509-512**, 530-533**, 536-539**, 570-571**, 572-573**, 576-579**, 599-602**, 640-645**, 667-672**, 700-701**, 853-857**, 869-873**, etc. Very much material, enormous catalogue value!

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31993 Macau 1984-2003.


Well-stocked, MNH stamp collection Macau 1984-2003 (1990-1995 is missing) in Leuchtturm album.

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31562 British Commonwealth in Asia 1953-1977.


Mostly cancelled stamp collection British colonies in Asia 1953-1977 on albumpages in folder including e.g. Hong Kong, Singapore and Ceylon.

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31561 Singapore 1948-1984.


Well filled, mostly MNH and mint hinged stamp collection Singapore 1948-1984 on Scott albumpages in folder, in which e.g. (Stanley Gibbons no’s): 1-15*, 29*, 30*, 38-52**/*, 63-77**/*, 101-115**/*, 121-126*, MS132**, etc.

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31553 Burma and Ceylon 1857-1991.


Very well filled, MNH, mint hinged and used stamp collection Burma and Ceylon 1857-1991 in Scott album, in which e.g. (Stanley Gibbons no’s): Burma 1-16*, 18b-33*, 51-63**/*, 68-82**/*, service 1-13* (few lower values cancelled), 28-39*, 41-53**/*, 41-53, Ceylon well filled classic part and also e.g. 155, 156, 158, 165, 169, 170, 176, 193*, 249, 254, 317*, 319, 368-378*, 368-378, 386-397**/*, 386aa (comma flaw), 386ba (comma flaw), service 7*, 16*, etc.

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31493 Asia 1878-1902.


Old reprints of China, Formosa and Korea on old albumpages. All stamps are fake!

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31355 Asia covers 1900-1980.


Over 400 in total, the majority of which are commercial covers, with First Days, First Flights, Maximum Cards, Expo cards and country-related foreign items included as well; nearly half are from China (PRC or Taiwan), with the other half spread out over Afghanistan, Japan, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam; most to Europe (though we note several local PRC covers), thus many Airmail and/or Registered usages; majority of items run from the 1970s-90s, with Afghan covers dating from the 1950s; Japan including a colorful five-stamp franking from 1951, vended labels from numerous cities from the 1970s and ’80s (unused, several looking to be lottery-type items), an Akihito Investiture maximum card, and a ship-themed, “Raw Silk” advertising card of Masuzawa Seishi; South Korea mostly from the 1960s, with numerous First Days, including 1958 and 1960 Christmas/New Year stamps plus a number of souvenir sheets from the period; Thailand with colorful frankings and computer-vended labels; Vietnam mostly 1960s, with a real photo 1957 postcard of Angkor and even a 1907 French Indochina-franked postcard; China includes a “Sea Mail” handstamped cover, several Dues markings (“T” and “Taxe Perçue” chops), a slew of maximum cards (mostly of Taiwan commemoratives of the 1970s), unmailed picture post cards of Xi’an, etc., etc.; good condition throughout, Fine to Very Fine, some uncommon material included.

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31291 Macau nineties.


MNH lot sets and souvenir sheets of Macau from the ’90s in 2 fat stockbooks. Very much material!

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31001 Taiwan 1946-1982.


Nicely filled, mostly cancelled stamp collection Taiwan 1946-1982 in 2 blank albums, in which e.g. (Michel no’s): 101-111(*)/o, 113-126, 169-183, 470-473, souvenir sheet 5, 6(*), etc.

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