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37389 Germany covers 1890-1941.


Collection of more than 80 covers and cards from Germany 1890-1941, all with ‘trains’ motif, in album. Many of the items were purchased separately as auction lots at the time.

37378 Bundespost 1949-2000.


Almost complete, MNH, mint hinged and used stamp collection Bundespost 1949-2000 in 2 albums. Catalog value approx. 5000 euros!

37384 German Reich 1872-1945.


Well filled, canceled stamp collection German Reich 1872-1945, including good stamps, in Davo cristal album.

37365 Bundespost stamp booklets 1951-2001.


Beautiful, specialised collection of Bundespost 1951-2001 stamp booklets in good quality, including many rare issues such as (Michel no’s): 1, 2a-2e, 3, 4Xu, 4Xv, 4Y I, 4Y II, 7a, 7b, 9v, etc. in 2 Safe albums with slipcases.

37354 Bundespost and Berlin 1955-2000.


Mainly MNH stamp collection coil stamps and combinations of Bundespost and Berlin 1955-2000, including scarce material, end strips etc. in Safe album and stockbook.

37330 Germany 1946-1969.


Beautiful, canceled stamp collection Germany 1946-1969, in which German Zones, including almost complete part French zone and Bundespost 1949-1969 apparently complete, in Davo luxe album with slipcase.

37336 Bundespost combinations 1955-1980.


Nicely filled, MNH collection of combinations of Bundespost 1955-1980 on Lindner albumpages in folder.

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37104 Germany covers 1900-1960.


Box with a nice assortment of covers and cards from Germany 1900-1960, including katapultflug 1929, better 1930s, French Zone, allied occupation up to 1 Mark on registered cover, early years Bundespost and Berlin on cover, etc. etc. Nice!

37235 Germany 1872-1990.


Very nice, MNH, mint hinged and used stamp collection Germany 1872-1990 in 6 homemade albums and 1 stockbook, in which German Reich (including Wagner set in both perforations, Zeppelin Chicagofahrt and SudAmerikafahrt), Berlin almost complete, Bundespost almost complete, some German colonies, etc.

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