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35765 Fiji 1871-1893.


Wonderful classic lot in quantities, mint, specialised with types, perf/imperf, perfs, overprints, varieties, values from 1/2d to 5 shilling, on albumpages. Seldom offered in such quantity, many very hard to get stamps present!!

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35690 British Comonwealth 1860-2000.


Incredible collector estate of one country collections, often both a mint/mnh and a used collection from earlies to more recent, many countries very well represented incl. good Hong Kong, Sierra Leone, Ascension, Antigua, Malaya, New Caledonia, Cayman Islands, Falkland, North Borneo etc. etc. etc. Also some non Commonwealth countries present, in albums and stockbooks, in 30(!!!) removal boxes. Great lot to continue!!

35681 St. Kitts & Nevis.


Box with ‘new’ issues from the 1980s from St. Kitts & Nevis, with the original envelopes still with beautiful official postage. Lot contains MNH material, canceled, blocks of 4, etc.

35657 British colonies 1965-1985.


Extensive, MNH lot British colonies 1965-1985 in numbers and in sheets in 2 boxes, in which Jubilee 1972, Wedding 1973, Great Britain 1960s, Tonga, Queen mum including specimen overprints, Royal Wedding etc. Huge amount of stamps!

35500 British Commonwealth supercollection 1855-1970.


Incredible used specialised collection, in such wonderful condition, every stamp is handpicked, collected on perfs, types, papers, shades, of the Britisch Colonies in the pacific, starting with powerful New Zealand Chalon heads imperf and perf specialised incl. many rare stamps, further overcomplete, good back of the book, Aitutaki, Niue, Penrhyn, Gilbert and Nauru with all the good stamps, NW Pacific to the pound, New South Wales with fantastic first issues specialised incl. so many expensive and rare stamps, great Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia, Australia with the pound and 2 pound stamps multiple, Papua, wonderful Queensland and South Australia etc. etc. etc. in 5 homemade albums. This is by far the best collection we ever had of the pacific.

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35636 British colonies.


Extensive, MNH, mint hinged and used sorting lot British colonies in various albums in 2 boxes, in which nice Australia and Great Britain.

35585 Great Britain and colonies 1880-2000.


Box with various material from Great Britain and colonies 1880-2000 on stock cards, including Gibraltar and Channel Islands.

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35572 British colonies 1960-1980.


Mall box with MNH stamps of various British colonies 1960-1980 in numbers in glassines.

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35638 Rhodesia 1954-1972.


Nice, specialised, MNH, mint hinged and used stamp collection Rhodesia 1954-1972 including many plate flaws and varieties and also better stamps.

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