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31345 Indonesia 1949-2012.


Complete mint never hinged collection in very nice condition, includes all expensive early sets like 1949 overprints, temple set, RIS and RIAU overprint sets, all sheetlets, also many extra’s, in 5 expensive Davo de luxe albums. Beautiful collection with a massive catalogue value!!

30936 Indonesia souvenir sheets 1968-2001.


Album with ca. 250 MNH souvenir sheets of Indonesia 1968-2001, including duplicates.

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30891 Indonesia 1942-2008.


Well filled, MNH, mint hinged and used stamp collection Indonesia 1942-2008 in 3 albums, in which much material, including many moderne souvenir sheets (also tennis-, football- and ape -sheets), some Japanese occupation, interimperiod etc. Bargain!

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30830 Indonesia 1949-1952.


Special UPU booklet of Indonesia, issued for the 13th UPU congres in Brussel 1952, in which e.g. temple set till 5 Rupiah and Ris overprint set till 25 Rupiah. Tinted material, but scarce booklet!

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30788 Indonesia 1949-1961.


Compete mint collection (incl. some toning) incl. 1949 overprint set used, 1949 temple set, 1950 RIS overprints and the rare 1954 RIAU overprint set, in Davo album. Massive catalogue value!

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30668 Indonesia 1948-1987.


Reasonably complete, mostly MNH stamp collection Indonesia 1948-1987 in Importa album, in which also souvenir sheets, back of the book etc.

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30552 Indonesia.


Nice lot MNH, mint hinged and used stamps and souvenir sheets of Indonesia in 4 stockbooks, in which nice modern material, some color varieties and proofs, Ris overprints cancelled etc. Very much material!

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30400 Indonesia Vienna printing, proofs and varieties.


Very valuable lot varieties and proofs, only scarce and rare material, many proofs (small sheetlet with one stamp) of many different values, overprints with inverted, misplaces, philatelic cover with set with inverted overprint, 2 stampbooklets!!!!, sheetlet with diagonal overprint, multiple overprints etc. etc. Unique material that has not come on the market for the last 20 years or so. Unique opportunity!!

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30370 Indonesia 1949-1999.


Extensive, MNH (few stamps hinged, older stamps partly tinted gum) stamp collection Indonesia 1949-1999 in 7 stockbooks, in which many blocks of 4, imperforated stamps, color- and perf variteies, printing errors, souvenir sheets, sheetlets, postage dues, Riau etc. Also an album with 34 cancelled map envelopes of Netherlands New Guinea.

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