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39690 Portugal key stamps/proofs/varieties 1853-1980.


Incredible hoarding of thousands(!!!) of better stamps, proofs, varieties, imperfs, high values, essays, (overprint)varieties, misperfs etc. etc. from the classics onwards including stamps with certificate, 1893 set to 1000 reis multiple including in blocs of 4, tons of mint/mnh blocs of 4 of the expensive issues (slightly mixed condition), also powerful back of the book, old stampbooklets, cancellations etc. etc. on over 1000 stockcards and on albumpages, very powerful accumulation of highly sought after Portugal goodies. Great lot for Ebay, Catawiki or bourses!! Try to find another lot like this anywhere in the world!!

39705 Marcao blocks/sheetlets 1996-2015.


Gigantic mint never hinged accumulation, bought as (wrong) speculation, around 100 different issues including expensive issues, many good thematics, expensive kleinbogen per 100 (cat. 25 euro each!), estimated tens of thousands of items, in 2 big boxes. New issue price must have been 20.000+ EURO!! Now offered at a fraction!

39707 Portugal postal stationery 1180-1985.


Wonderful mint and used collection postal stationery including scarce cards and covers, types and varieties, wonderful illustrated new year cards etc. etc. on albumpages. Great collection, offered cheap!

39706 Portugal covers 1890-1935.


Estimated over 1000 postal stationery cards and envelopes, mint and used from Portugal and Colonies, including better, additional frankings, destinations, varieties, many rare covers present bought as single items at auction, offered completely unpicked, in 2 small boxes. Wonderful lot for the specialist!

39660 Portugal 1894-2010.


Incredible deceased (Portuguese) dealer hoarding from old to new, mainly mint never hinged (older part some mint hinged and used), slightly mixed condition, starting with 15 complete used sets of the 1894 set to 1000 reis in part sheets (cat. 400 euro per set!!), massive amount of the good issues of 1910 till 1959 + later, huge amount of (better) sheetlets, back of the book, also in blocs of 4 and part sheets, gigantic quantities, also of the expensive issues, also some varieties and specialities, housed in 19 albums and folders, also large quantities loose and on stockcards, incredible holding. Gigantic catalogue value and retail value, offered very, very cheap!!

39704 Portugal classic cancels.


Nice collection of cancels on more than 120 classic stamps from Portugal, on stockpages, in folder.

39629 Portugal 1853-1974.


Nicely filled, MNH, mint hinged and used stamp collection Portugal 1853-1974, including better stamps such as (Michel no’s): 385-405*, 440-454*, 440-454, 456-471**, 622-629**, 642 -645*, 559-564, souvenir sheet 1, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, etc. in Borek album and on stockcards.

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39442 Angola 1870-2002.


Well filled, MNH, mint hinged and used, partly double stamp collection Angola 1870-2002, including good stamps such as (Michl no’s): 266-283*, 315-318**, 319-325*, 339-362* (no. 343 missing), etc. in Schaubek album with slipcase.

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39438 Portuguese collonies 1870-1939.


Extremely well filled to partly almost complete, mint hinged and used stamp collection Portuguese colonies 1870-1939, including many good stamps, etc. on albumpages in springback.

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