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39772 Netherlands 1852-1977.


Very wellfilled mainly used collection including period 1852-1900 complete, 1913 jubilee set to 10 guilder used, also good back of the book with interrupted perfs sets, good postage dues including 1/2 unused, de Ruyer set to 1 guilder, the 4 tete beche pairs etc in slightly mixed condition, in Unie album. Massive catalogue value!

39771 Netherlands 1940-1987.


Nearly complete mainly mint never hinged collection including 1949 high values to 10 guilder mint hinged, airmail seagulls used, legion sheets etc. in Excellent album.

39765 Netherlands platefaults 1867-2009.


Gigantic mint/used/mnh specialised collection of the Mast platefaults including the very scarce and hard to get issues, all with descriptions, also the difficult modern issues including on blocs and sheetlets, housed in 19 albums with slipcases. The catalogue value is over 65.000 EURO!! Great collection, lifework of a very serious and patient collector!

39743 Netherlands covers 1900-1990.


Wild wild west lot of covers and cards including pretty frankings, cancels, perfins on cover, telegraph documents, modern local post commercially used etc. etc. in big shoebox. Lots of adventure and pleasure (hopefully).

39723 Netherlands 1945-1989.


Almost complete, MNH stamp collection Netherlands 1945-1989, including Juliana en face (NVPH 518-537), airmail 12-13 (seagulls) etc. in Leuchtturm album.

39718 Netherlands 1920-1990.


Nicely filled, mainly MNH stamp collection Netherlands 1920-1990 in Davo luxe album.

39720 Netherlands complete 1852-1997.


For 99% in the mainnumbers complete to overcomplete + extra’s, also very powerful back of the book including postage due with tete-beches, armenwet set, Internment 1/2 used (Internment 2 used is very, very rare), Marine insurance set used etc. etc. in 2 Importa albums. Great collection with a massive catalogue value!!!

39742 Netherlands old picture postcards.


Collection of 182 old picture postcards from the Netherlands, mainly from the province of Friesland, in 2 albums.

39726 Netherlands 1945-1967.


Complete MNH stamp collection Netherlands 1945-1967, including Juliana en face (NVPH 518-537) in Davo luxe album with slipcase.

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